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6 ways dogs help us heal

6 ways dogs heal us

  1. Dogs show empathy.
  2. Dogs give us affection.
  3. Dogs give us their complete attention.
  4. Dogs give us physical comforting. They snuggle and lie in our laps.
  5. Dogs live in the moment, sharing enthusiasm and joy.
  6. Dogs possess sensory abilities  beyond our sensory capacity.

They hear into the distance beyond our hearing range. Dogs alert us to the approach of other people and animals. With their gift of night vision, dogs often guide us, just go camping with your dog or walk a dog at night.

Examples: Therapy dogs of every kind help the blind, the mobility challenged plus visit the sick and in-firmed. Dogs sniff out cancerous tumors, this field is now being explored by science with the goal of creating a laboratory replica of how dogs detect cancer. Many dog lovers witness their dogs seeking out members coping with illness. The world over has many truth stories of dogs comforting the sick or dying.

Dogs sensing seizeures before they happen so they can maneuver their person to a safe position, such as sitting or lying down.


Give back to dogs

Want to help homeless dogs and cats but can’t adopt?

Click here and visit The Animal Rescue Site. Through this site you can download an app, which gives money to feed needy shelterless pets. This app is called Pet to Give. Just like its title, every pet gives a selected shelterless funds to feed dogs and cats.

Check out the Greater Good. I like it because they respect my time. When I signed up for email updates, I learned that I could put in vacation holds on email updates. This is the only site informational source that I have never subscribed from.

Please share to spread the ways dog heal us. In this terrible time following the mass murder in Orlando, Florida. I hope we all will spread loving kindness and healing.

Don’t have a dog right now?

No problem. Make dog friends.

If you do not have a dog, take some fresh sugar snap peas (cut or break them up for small dogs) sit in a park. As dog walkers if their dog is friendly with new people. Once the dog’s person says it’s okay to greet the dog, LET THE DOG COME TO YOU. A friendly dog will wag his or her tail and slink up to sniff your hand. After you have a relaxed connection, ask the dog’s person if you can give him or her a treat. Show them the snap peas. Hold one in the palm of your hand and let the dog eat off your hand like a dinner plate. There you go. You’ve made a good friend. Now go make another.

For eight years we lived in an apartment and could not have any pets. I missed having a dog so much. Most dog lovers know that pain and will be sympathetic. Dogs always have enough love for everyone.Ready-set….Dachshund-Mix.jpeg

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Happy Birthday, Sydney

“They say it’s your birthday.”

a true beach lover, dog
Happy Birthday & adoption day Sydney

Happy Birthday to you, Sydney

Sydney begs, “Adopt, don’t shop.” I had to wait in Petaluma Animal Shelter for three weeks. But I got my forever family. Never letting them go. They said they would keep me forever. So I’m still one happy camper.

Wishing all dogs were as lucky as Sid.

“They Say It’s Your Birthday”

Remix of The Beatles Original


Thanks Readers: Wordless Wednesday

Our list of thanks

Thanks readers
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  1. Thanks readers for giving us a thousand likes!
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  3. Thanks, Winnie and Evelyn, our dear sweet loving mothers.
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  5. Thanks to the One Life, Spirit, for good health for our pets and our families.
  6. Thanks to Blog Paws for connecting  pet bloggers.
  7. Thanks for daily abundance of food for our pets and ourselves.
  8. Thanks for the freedom to write and publish on the World Wide Web.
  9. Thanks to Andrew and Alex for love and support.
  10. Thanks to the staff and volunteers at the Petaluma Animal Shelter and the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter for saving our dog, Sydney, and our rabbit, Tuxedo.
  11. Thanks for Save a Bunny volunteers who teach us more about rabbit care.
  12. Thanks to Charlie Reinhart, trainer, at Unleashed Dog Training in Petaluma, California, for rescuing our dog.

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    We love the beach.

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Handsome Dog: Mutt Monday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Animals, like people, are far more than handsome faces. We cannot choose a book by its cover,  nor should we make our choice of taking in a new furry family member based on looks. Yet I am like most people, visual first and first impressions haunt my mind.

This weekend a friend and I visited Sonoma County Animal Care and Control. Of course, we wanted to see the dogs, and they were everywhere. Many lovely and calm dogs walked on leads by shelter volunteers. Naturally, I asked to pet one or two. Impressed by their healthy and relaxed behavior, I noticed at least a dozen where young health bulldog mixes.

Give a Good Dog a Home

In the kennels my friend saw a handsome five-year-old Alaskan Malamute. He knew the moment I set eyes on that dog, I would want him. And I did.

I have been in the Sonoma County Shelter for a month, please take me home.
I have been in the Sonoma County Shelter for a month, please take me home.

I have been secretly wanting a big dog for years. Now this dog impressed me beyond his handsome coat and face. He calmly accepted a biscuit and lay to munch it. He did not wolf it down, he broke it into pieces and enjoyed it!

Although I was able to get him to pose for a few photographs behind the kennel fence, we did not ask to see him, due to a family member not feeling well. When Chinook had completed posing for me, he went back into his den to take a nap.

Be prepared for providing weekly brushing, shedding and tooth brushing. Recommendations from people who raise this breed of dogs do not encourage bathing, just good brushing and skin care.

Sweet Dog Up for Adoption in Sonoma County

Chinook a healthy Alaskan Malamute


“Thanks to a grant from the Paws for Love Foundation, Sonoma County Animal Care and Control is pleased to offer the “Silver Paws for Love” senior-to-senior adoption program. This joint effort encourages the adoption of senior pets by seniors people. The Paws for Love Foundation subsidizes these adoptions, which means adoption fees are waived .

If you are 55 years of age or older, and you adopt a pet age 6 years or older from Sonoma County Animal Care & Control, you may qualify for Silver Paws for Love!

Call 565-7100 for more information, or visit Sonoma County Animal Care & Control at 1247 Century Ct., Santa Rosa CA, on Tuesdays through Saturdays between the hours of 12:00 and 5:30 p.m.”