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Bad green beans! Dog food recall

1-15-18 Luckily, this health alert does not involve any dog deaths. The type of contamination tends not to make healthy dogs sick. However, older canines and those individuals fighting illness could suffer temporary stomach upset and runny stool. This California company, Just Food for Dogs, has issued a recall after a customer informed them her dogs reacted as from food poisoning after their meal. All her dogs recovered after 24-hours and changing to a daily diet product, no further effects were observed. The company tested the reported Turducken special and verified contamination of the human grade green beans.

Protect dogs from toxins: Dog Food Alerts

Keep your dog healthy by recall alerts My purpose for this blog and my tagline is ’saving dogs’ lives & dog lovers’ sanity. I want all my readers to know The Dog Food Advisor.  Editor Mike Sagman,  has personally helped Dog Leader Mysteries receive over 1,600 visitors in one day.  That is not why I want … Continue reading Protect dogs from toxins: Dog Food Alerts