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Chocolate before 9am?

Never say diet…not to me As far as diets go, they don’t work for me. The minute I think I should diet I want to eat everything. Even things I dislike seem to whisper inticments to my tongue. Normally, I detest cake because of cake’s texture, and dryness. Plus cakes do not pack the flavor pow of a freshly baked fruit pie with French vanilla ice cream. I tend to choose flavor over sugary candies, and desserts.😋

Whenever I begin to eat too much. (Who doesn’t want to eat the foods we love? Especially more of our favorite foods?) Many of my favorite foods are fruits, and pies. I could make a long list, beginning with lemon meringue pie, dark chocolate with raspberry sorbet, flan, blueberry muffins, fresh whipped cream, and blackberry tartes. 

3 things I do to maintain fitness & health

I stop buying cookies, ice cream, and snacks. If they are not in my house I won’t eat them. 

I eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. 

I add more movement to my day.

  • Leave foods I like too much alone
  • Eat more celery, fresh basil, tomatoes, etc.
  • Walk and move more each day

 Health studies show weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight relies more on consistent physical exercise than dieting.
Raising physical activity Parking far from shops or events, taking the stairs, and dancing in our kitchen become refreshed habits. I like how I feel when I dance. I like climbing stairs, and hills. Of course I love walking our dog or walking with friends, and family.

What’s chocolate got to do with health?  I love dark chocolate! So when I read a study of workers who ate dark chocolate before work, I wanted to try it. So far I have noticed an improvement in mood, and mental focus (essential for writers). Not a bad reason to get out of bed either.

                                              My dark chocolate prebreakfast 

Read about the study at this link. http://tipsforhome.net/health-tips/science-shows-eating-chocolate-cake-breakfast-good-brain-waistline/

What has this got to do with dogs? Our dogs reflect our habits, and daily choices. Dogs are utterly depend on our leadership, and caregiving.

common saying is, if your dog is overweight perhaps you could you lose a few pounds too.

If we can benefit from more vegetables, our dogs can too. Add a handful of fresh sugar snap peas cut up as treats instead of dog biscuits. Try adding tidbits of other vegetables to your dogs food, either cooked or raw. You might be surprised that your dog, like our dog tastes the difference between fresh garden, organic zucchini, and commercially grown zucchini. 

Begin slowly. Many dog health experts suggest we gradually add a new dog food while decreasing a dog’s typical food. Note, older dogs, and puppies have special dietary needs. My blog is not medical advice, merely wellbeing suggestions. 

Please comment with tips or methods you use to maintain your dogs health or your dog’s healthy weight. 

We love our readers.

Deborah Taylor-French

5 nonfat healthy dog treats

Has your Vet said your dog is overweight?

Is your dog beginning a middle age spread?

Is your dog a chow hound like our Sydney?

When will she give them to me?
Our Sydney in “Down, stay” behavior waiting for treats.

Tips to slim your hound

 Begin with caution: add each food a few pieces once a week then if your dog’s eating and elimination are normal, try others on the list. These foods are health raw training treats .

Sugar snap peas to break or cut into pieces

Apple slices, thin but not too small. Make you dog chew

Carrot pieces cut long for chewing

Broccoli-skin & stalk cut like above

Cucumber be sure to use the skin, if organic



Please suggest other vegetables and fruits that you give your dog. We love our readers and we love sharing new ideas with readers.


Thanks for reading, Deborah Taylor-French

Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

What took me so long?

Just stumbled on this PetMD Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter. What a helpful and important resource, just type in what type of chocolate your dog ate and the meter states how toxic it is. My mission rolls out in my blog’s tagline “saving dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.” Four years ago, I set my purpose yet I have strayed a bit from it.

Blogging goals for 2015?

My goals for 2015 include sticking to this mission statement tighter in order to write and publish e-books, relating strongly to my purpose for Dog Leader Mysteries.

The thought just struck me to call this “Mystery Monday” and begin sharing my fiction on Monday. Perhaps, I will need to wait a bit due to the need to choose between WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com. In the meantime, you will find my blog on WordPress.com, until I get this all figured out.

PetMD Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

Beware of what goes in my mouth.
Beware of what goes in my mouth.

Thanks for reading, sharing and caring about dogs.

Deborah Taylor-French





Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11: Keep hope alive

Dogs need hope

Did you know that? Rescue dog handlers learned that after 9/11 as they worked to save lives and find bodies. The dogs needed to find someone alive to keep doing the hard and dangerous work of searching the hideously smelling wreckage.

A dog’s sense of smell compared to a human’s sense of smell.

A dog’s sense of smell is about 1,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than than a person’s nose.” According to Dog Breed Info.


 How did these dogs do this?

How could these sensitive nosed dogs do this work? It must have required a ton of courage and encouragement. They must have felt sick at finding so few people alive after days of working.

What gives you hope?

What gives you hope for the future?

What keeps you writing, blogging and/or volunteering?

What beliefs help you?

Who is your inspiration?

These dogs and their handlers inspire me. I want to learn how to reset my hope.

Please leave a comment and/or share.

So many in this world need hope, love and caring.

Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

A Dog’s Take on my Favorite Author Quotes

“Books fall open, you fall in. When you climb out again, you’re a bit larger

than you used to be” ― Gregory Maguire

I love Goodreads. I discovered this quote on Goodreads and invite you to  connect with me there. Share your beloved dog books, favorite mystery short stories and favorite authors, etc. Please say hello or request my friendship on Goodreads. Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

Dog Walker on the Plaza Mayor, Segovia, Spain

I say, when we look into the faces of dogs we love, we climb in and when we come out, our hearts expand because through the heart of a dog, we see the world and ourselves newly born with each breath. Deborah Taylor-French

When I imagine looking through the eyes of a dog, I see and smell an unlimited, interesting fantastic world. So it is with pleasure I share with you this photograph I took in the Plaza Major of Segovia, Spain this June. I see pure mutual enjoyment in this gray-sunset dog walking pair. I felt no longer limited by my mind or body, but connected in Spirit with this moving pair of friends. Man and dog quietly crossing the cobblestones, moving as one being.

They swiftly trotted by the newsstand, not pausing for anything as the birds cawed. Each caw ended in passionate sloppy kisses in the cloudy heavens. I felt we all belong to everything. Home, our true home lives in the breath and feet of animals, wild and tame.

The shared pleasure of walking together once or twice a day, keeps dogs and people healthy. Walking at a quick pace strengthens the bond between dogs and their human families. Plus walking your dog on a leash reinforces that you remain your dog’s resourceful and protective leader.  In this puzzling world of people, forests of legs and strange loud sounds, your dog will feel relieved that he does not have to understand everything, he can trust you to keep him safe.

Take a walk today with your dog. Go some place you have not walked before. Walk fast with the dog slightly behind you, like this man. Later, you can stop to smell the roses or the “pmail” on building corners.

Plaza Major. Segovia, Spain
Walking his friend, the dog trots swiftly without sniffing or stopping.