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Hell-o, I hope you all had a good howl-i-day weekend and you celebrated the Birthday of the USA with wonderful events… My weekend was a weird one… …it started that SHE! I will ignore now, said, that someone stinks to high heaven in my crib… … and instead to swing herself in that bathtub, she […]

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Do not read.

Dear Dog Leader Mystery Reader,

For many years now I keep telling myself I need to learn to write funny. I don’t mean full of typos funny. Nor do I mean to make fun of the gains I have made in fiction, nonfiction and blogging. I just want some of my readers to howl, once an a while. A good belly laugh or a laugh until you cry is good for us.

Now I’ve never in all my days known a dog who could tell a joke. Not even take a joke, not one of my dogs liked being laughed at. But after years of feeding my dogs dinner (mostly on time) and watch Dawn and Nabisco go bonkers when I lifted their dishes. 

Literally, no not “literary” but a full Max’s Brothers film worthy show of high jinks. Their joyful JUMPS always got out of hand. Everyday. One dog or the other jumped, twirled, careened, until…both dogs were crashing head-on into the oven or our narrow kitchen walls.

I’m such a softy that I hated to see them hurt themselves. A single step into the kitchen had them doing the doggie equivalent of cartwheels.

Hahaha. “Oh, no. Stop.” I’d cry out.

“Dawn, sit. Nabisco, sit.” But by then our dogs had started their happy dance with not a thought in their doggie heads. Visions of kibble? Really? Going nuts for the same dinner, again? Noooooooooooooooo. Erase. Please rewind that mental video tape.

Yes. It’s true. All too true. So if I had been wise or wiser (no wisecracks, please) I would have tied each dog down then command “down-stay.” Needless to say, they didn’t even have doggie beds. Keeshonds get overheated and both liked to flop where ever we sat. They also love lying belly up, legs akimbo to vent off their excess body heat.

Of course, I should also began feeding them in different rooms (something I learned late in life, put one dog in one room and feed him). Actually I never tried to learn anything from my dogs, but they did a good job with me anyway.

Do female dogs run the show in your house?


First our dog, Dawn, would run Nabisco off his food. She’d eat both the dinners I served them. Poor boy, Nabisco had grown up in a household of twenty-five dog cousins. Nabisco happened to be a runt. Plus in the Keeshond breed the females are dominant. Really bossy babes. No kidding, somedays, she was a b*!@h. But not the day photographed below. She loved our kid. Loved kids. Other dogs too. Nabisco became her dog. She just wasn’t into sharing.

Happy campers
Keeshond Smiling Dancing Bear Dawn + our girl

Your turn to weigh in.

Please visit Easy Blog. But only if you want to laugh. Visit the bathroom before you read the Easy Blog. Accidents do happen with dogs and people. How do you spell peeeeeople? Ask Easy if you need help. He loves comments. His readers like to write funny too. Be sure and read the comments. Best of all, tell Easy we sent you. He gave me his permission to reblog his TORTURE TUESDAY-EasyBlog.

Smiling Dutchmen Dogs
Nabisco, Alex and Dawn, our adopted Keeshond dogs
This is my last few months blogging here at Dog Leader Mysteries. Why? Because we are moving to our new site, author site for Deborah Taylor-French. If you have any suggestions for giveaways I would love them. I want to give away some tips on keeping your dog healthy, which looks like a favorite topic with our readers and one on how to “Save your dog’s life” by paying attention to safety details few dog lovers know. So please chime in soon, so we can take your ideas in and come out with some great short books. Yes, free books. One’s you don’t have to review or buy.

All our best to you,

Deborah Taylor-French


Sun lover dogs

Senior dogs’ sunbaths

All of our dogs were sunbathers, even my keeshonds! Keeshonds that have a double coat to keep them warm in snow and ice. Dawn and Nabisco loved to go outside and lay in the sun. How odd that they loved a short naps and feeling overheated. Their two-layered coats grown for chilly Dutch barges and cool winters did not stop them from stretching out in a patch of sunshine until they were panting hot.

Happy campers
Keeshond smiling Dawn + Kid
 Nabisco tiny +cropped
Girl hugs her keeshond dog

This senior dog, Babe, lowered her ears to let the rays warm another section of her forehead.

Babe smiles
Senior dog has a sunbath

I believe Babe’s pet parents adopted her. She has become the neighborhood favorite, naturally mellow and happy to hang with guys or gals. She even tolerates little barky dogs like our Sydney  (Please, don’t tell Syd that! He thinks of himself as a king, and believes he is the all time favorite of everyone in the world).

Some like it hot, some like it cold, me I like it whichever way I like it.
Senior dogs rock, Sydney knows!
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Senior Dogs Rock

Pet Rock: Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Little dog loves rock climbing

Remember the “Pet Rock” craze?

I never wanted one nor had one. At one time in the USA, Pet Rock fad soared due to marketing and rose in popularity as a gag gift. Why would people want a Pet Rock?

Now I'm bigger than you are!
Pet Rock

Photo credit: Marc Hoffman

The Pet Rock fad made its inventor, marketing executive Gary Dahl, a 1970’s millionaire. “He wrote a 32 page instruction manual full of puns, gags and plays on words…which was the real product. The original kit consisted of ordinary gray stones from a builders supply store. These had no eyes.” Later eyes were added, along with variations of size and stone color. In 1981 a new wave and power pump band from England, The Sinceros, released an album titled Pet Rock.

Did you like Chia Pets? Somehow I didn’t get the appeal of either, both items fit in the gag gift category. Chia Pets Wikipedia.

Pet Rocks

Please stay tuned for guest blogger, Rosee Riggs, on “Good Dog Practice.” Rosee lives in Europe and has a new Website. Gain insight on how dogs think and why they often do things we think are bad.

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Funny glasses, funny dogs: Photo Friday

Ever try to get your dog to wear glasses?

You want me to sit still?
You want me to sit still?

Sydney needed help keeping his green Irish specks on.

If I look over there, am I invisible?
Okay, I got it, you want me to wear this.

 No language needed for laughter with dogs

55 KB Sid O

Here is Sydney posing in Jackie O’ style Italian sunglasses.


I hope you are laughing at humans who got these dogs to wear the vision altering glasses.


Thanks for stopping by. Please share the funny photos.


The Rest of Pierson’s Gotcha Story – Part I

A wild and wonderful story of dog rescue, a huge Vet bill and a happy dog adoption tale.

Yes, tails are wagging on the American Dog Blog.

Please go eat it. NO. Go read it.

Hey, I'm still hungry.
Pierson, Dawn’s dog as seen on “I lLove Dogs, Dawn’s WordPress blog

Readers, you may remember Pierson’s Bad Poetry Day?

Dawn Ross shared this from American Dog BlogI still love Pierson’s offbeat, funny Valentine rhyme, with which he won a prize.

Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals
Dad got me from a shelter.
Dad got me from a shelter.

Big doggy smiles from Dog Leader Mysteries and writer, Deborah Taylor-French. Please come find me on Google+ at

American Dog Blog

On January 10th, Pierson’s official Gotcha Day, I told you about how he was finally caught after living in a park as a stray for nearly a month. But his adventure didn’t stop there. Coming into a strange new home took some adjustment. So let me tell you the rest of Pierson’s story.

Take Him to the Shelter?
When we first started trying to catch this stray dog, my husband didn’t think it would be a good idea to take in a stray. He was worried about bringing in a dog with unknown behaviors and unknown diseases. He suggested that if we catch this dog, we should take him to the humane society, let him go through the adoption process, and then adopt him. There are some no-kill shelters in the Kansas City area, so it was not an unreasonable request. Also, considering he was a stray, it would give…

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