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March Hares?

Bunny madness or March hares?

crop Tux stands pantry

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Our house rabbit, Tuxedo, loving his litter box and fresh Timothy hay

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Wild hares in art?

Wild Hares in contemporary art? Sure, why not. Check out this Sonoma County, California painter’s site. I loved this artist who noticed how wild hares freeze when facing their fears. Inspiring the artist to try the same approach to her fears.

Yvette Buigues

Yvette Buigues sitting-hare“200 Hares series. The hare has a rich history in folklore around the world. There are stories that tell of it’s courage and fear, its relationship to and use by the moon as a messenger to earth; the hare is associated with the Sun, fertility, the dawn, and even seen as a trickster.”

For more visit Wild Hare Studio Shows

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5 years at Dog Leader Mysteries

Happy Anniversary on WordPress.com

I registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago.

Blogging enthralled me.

Merriam-Webster gives the following definition. Depending upon the day, I’m either a slave to blogging or I’m charmed and spellbound. Pick a day and spin the wheel. Have no idea which blog posts feel easy to write, flow into developed and publishable points of view.

Full Definition of ENTHRALL

transitive verb
1: to hold in or reduce to slavery
2: to hold spellbound : charm

Celebrating five years on WordPress (a few grumbles & bumpy days) I find my questions increasing  and my patience decreasing.

california-writers-club-redwood-writers-sonoma-county-ca-seastorm-press-leigh-anne-lindseyReady-set….BP_Wordless_wed_Hop_Logo_2014.jpgPuppies for Sale

Questions for WordPress  

1. In themes, how do I add show comments?

2. Which themes offer this feature?

3. Why did I lose Mail Chimp when I changed themes?

4. Bloggers hate the new WordPress editor, why did you trash what worked for us so well?

I happen to be fond of my screen saver, which has nothing to do with Dog Leader Mysteries. Or does it, and I haven’t figured it out yet?
Time for a self protrait? The whole truth or a fabricated story, which do you like better?

A tall tale or a slow burning personal story?

Leave clues!

So long, the mystery was missing

  • What is the mystery here?

I admit it. I have held back Dog Leader Mystery fiction. One of my new readers asked me in an email, “What’s the mystery in Dog Leader Mysteries?”


Yes, I’m afraid so. 

Having written at least a million words in my first nine drafts of book one, I should stop being so secretive about my characters and setting, right?

So here goes, now that I have published over 500 posts on this blog, testing what brings new readers and keeps them I promise to keep pPosting a thread of Dog Leader Mysteries fiction, posting no less than once a week. 

Okay, Paul, Debra and other frequent commenters, I am asking you to complain if I miss a week. This way I will know to make it up iti you with two posts the following week! 😜😜

First paragraph in an ACT I chapter 

Nevada pressed her knuckle to her lips. Something’s wrong and Dad won’t tell me the truth. But I can’t accuse him of lying because he changes the subject when I ask about the investigation. 

She bent over and whispered in her dog’s ear. “You’ll help me. It’s not my fault I’m only twelve.”

She stood up after snapping a leash on the harness of her black and silver Keeshond dog. 

“Dad, we’re going for a walk before it gets dark.” 

But to be honest with myself, I can’t wait another minute for news. Luckily, the very best town news guy is just three minutes away. Once outside we leave at a run, setting both my dog and me, panting.

Thanks for reading and sharing, Deborah

Dog Leader Mysteries 2014 Top Comments + 1,000 LIKES

The WordPress stats

2014 annual report for Dog Leader Mysteries.

Thanks 4 sand, sea & stinky stuff
We love the beach.

Thanks readers for 1,000 Likes

Special thanks to top commenters for 2014

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Epiphany: Photo Friday

“An epiphany is a sudden realization of a significant event. At that special moment, a life meaning becomes clear to you —an insight into your personality, a discovery of something you value or believe in, an acute sense of where you are in life.”

Epiphany as call and response

The specific epiphany when a friend became ill and I called her. The question was to respond breakdown without need or fear. Did I answer?

Yes, I answered a literal call for help and felt divinely supported in providing. In fact, I feel so grateful that a strong friend expressed over the phone her needs. How often do we tell each other the truth? How often do we wish we had taken the time to tell the truth?

What a joy to give and feel bigger

There comes a marvelous intimacy when the most important inner need comes to us as the opportunity to give. Giving feels like a jump for joy moment, I feel bigger and more able to give. When people believe in God or have faith, they give from faith. They give from the knowledge that God gives them all good things. They experience the epiphany that God gives abundantly, and therefore, as receivers of God’s love they also must give abundantly.

Watch dog
Loyal, calm, loving and ever protective of his family Simba keeps watch.

So this blog post comes late, with the photograph of a neighbors beloved Japanese Shibu Inu. Many dogs of this breed await adoption so please adopt, don’t shop.

Give to a dog rescue or sponsor or foster a homeless pet

Visit Noahs Dogs to learn about the breed and find the perfect dog waiting for you.