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If your dog could talk, what would you hear?

If dogs could speak, what would be your pet’s favorite words?

In The Bark Magazine,  I read, “that if dogs would talk they would stand at the end of our beds and say, ‘More chicken.'”

Sydney would surely say, “Take me to the beach.”


Paris took no nonscense from our dog.

Make it happen for your pets

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael Jordan

What would your dog what you to make happen for him?

If you don’t know, go ask him?

Guest blogger on Saturday, September 30th, please stay tuned.

Those of us who have dogs, especially who have adopted a dog or rescued one, know each dog comes with challenges. A few unique dogs, like our Sydney, in the photograph above, pose extreme challenges. Have you ever adopted or rescued a dog with challenges?

Have you ever adopted or rescued a dog with challenges? If you have, please share your story with us. Share two or three specific issues, and how your dog and you adjusted to life together.

I believe that complex or challenging people and dogs teach us life lessons when

we are willing to love and learn.

In your comments, please mention issues you have had with your dog or dogs.

Any tips or hints on how to solve thing issues you describe would help other dog lovers, too.

Thanks for reading, Deborah Taylor-French

Dog Leader Happy Mothers’ Day

Dog Leader wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day

From all of us at Dog Leader Mysteries

A pause in our play day
Beach day Sydney & Marc
Butterfly bench Cockapoo
Butterfly bench Cockapoo
2016 has been the best first flush for our heritage roses
Roses from our spring garden
Love to our mothers Evelyn and Winnie,

We have grown up.  Yet your care, love and kindness stays, sustains and inspires us. Thanks for years of loving and hoping for our best lives. Thanks for showing interest in our wellbeing, education, friendships and happiness.

Thanks for loving us for a lifetime,

Deborah, Marc and Sydney
This is a blog hop. Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday to say “Happy Mothers’ Day.”
Saving dogs on adoption at a time.
Keep on Hopping
Merlin & me
Deborah Taylor-French, Photo by Cindy Pavlinac

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Meeting & greeting dogs

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Hot Fall Trails : Wordless Wednesday

 Hot autumn days

Oak savanna of Marin County hills
Oak savanna of Marin County hills

Autumn in northern California: Wordless Wednesday

Off-leash dog on California Trail
Off-leash dog on California Trail

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More fun than Facebook or Twitter because instead of selfies we do pet-zes. Yes, photographs of our pets.

Get closer so I lick you.
Having fun is my job.

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Up with Pets: Wordless Wednesday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Up with Pets

I told you I was great!
I told you I was great!

__ This is our dog, Sydney, practicing his high jump on a homemade agility course in our backyard when he was about three years old. Dog Leader Mysteries