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Rescued Dog Gives Back: Mutt Monday

By Deborah Taylor-French

This is a reblog of one of my main messages. Please adopt your next dog, cat or rabbit. Millions wait for homes in animal shelters, foster care or rescue volunteers homes. You can search for purebreds, mixed or mutts.

Saw this video and had to share. Yes, it begins sad, but stick to the end  for the straight to the heart conclusion.

Rescued Dog Gives Back

Posted on The True Activist…exposing the truth, one lie at a time.

Dachshund Mix

Thanks for reading and sharing the message…adopt, don’t shop.

Rescue me, please.
Rescue me, please.

The Rest of Pierson’s Gotcha Story – Part I

A wild and wonderful story of dog rescue, a huge Vet bill and a happy dog adoption tale.

Yes, tails are wagging on the American Dog Blog.

Please go eat it. NO. Go read it.

Hey, I'm still hungry.
Pierson, Dawn’s dog as seen on “I lLove Dogs, Dawn’s WordPress blog

Readers, you may remember Pierson’s Bad Poetry Day?

Dawn Ross shared this from American Dog BlogI still love Pierson’s offbeat, funny Valentine rhyme, with which he won a prize.

Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals
Dad got me from a shelter.
Dad got me from a shelter.

Big doggy smiles from Dog Leader Mysteries and writer, Deborah Taylor-French. Please come find me on Google+ at

American Dog Blog

On January 10th, Pierson’s official Gotcha Day, I told you about how he was finally caught after living in a park as a stray for nearly a month. But his adventure didn’t stop there. Coming into a strange new home took some adjustment. So let me tell you the rest of Pierson’s story.

Take Him to the Shelter?
When we first started trying to catch this stray dog, my husband didn’t think it would be a good idea to take in a stray. He was worried about bringing in a dog with unknown behaviors and unknown diseases. He suggested that if we catch this dog, we should take him to the humane society, let him go through the adoption process, and then adopt him. There are some no-kill shelters in the Kansas City area, so it was not an unreasonable request. Also, considering he was a stray, it would give…

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One Planet Sunday

Chinook Rescued at Last

IMG_0335Chinook as he waited patiently in an animal shelter.

“Today marks the 53rd anniversary of the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by President Eisenhower – known then as the Arctic National Wildlife Range. Recently at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell reiterated the Obama administration’s support for protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, saying that certain areas — like the Refuge — should never be opened to oil and gas drilling. And in November, Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced legislation to protect the Refuge’s Coastal Plain as Wilderness!

Twenty-three years ago, President Jimmy Carter, Honorary Chairman of the Alaska Wilderness LeagueBoard and a true champion of Alaska’s wild places, signed into law ANILCA (the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act). ANILCA doubled the size of our country’s national park and refuge system and tripled the amount of land designated as Wilderness, expanding the National Park System by more than 43 million acres. Celebrating ANILCA’s 23rd anniversary this week, President Carter said, “If I had one request of President Obama, it would be to designate ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) as a national monument so it can be protected forever.”

Thanks for caring about dogs, pets and wild creatures.

We also need to protect wild places, so please advocate to protect wild-lands everywhere on the planet.

One planet, one people.

Thanks for reading and caring,

Deborah Taylor-French

Dog Leader Mysteries

Happy Rescue Dog: Photo Friday

Dog Leader Mysteries

By Deborah Taylor-French www.dogleadermysteries.com

Hey there. I know I have been a bit thin on posting for a few months. Family stuff took  me away a few times, but now that my loved one is better…I am back.

Sydney wants 100% happy rescue dog photo splash today. A little birdy told me. Of course, Sydney usually is not camera-shy. He peeked away as if to tell me, “That’s enough posing, Mom!”

I saw this doggie bandana made by Two’s Company. They donate part of their Happy Dog Rescue profits to animal shelters across the United States.

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Keeshond, Oscar: Mutt Monday

I love dogs in the “Working Class” of the American Kennel Club.

Each “Working Class” dog breed has been raised for a specific purpose. Perhaps my love of these dogs comes from my love of work. I must have projects. I look forward to tackling challenges the way some people look forward to gossip.

Working dogs love doing their jobs. Some have been raised for retrieving on land or in water. Some have been raised as canine assistants for people blind or confined to wheelchairs. Recently a new type of working dog helps protect people who suffer from seizures. I am not tackling the whole spectrum of working dogs today.

Keeshonds as a breed earned the nickname, Smiling Dutchmen.

Well-known as watchdogs, many still live on Dutch barges with their families. For hundreds of years, keeshonds did excellent jobs of alerting their human families to people approaching. These dogs have never been bred to attack or to fight.

Somethin' Like a Cracker known as Nabisco
Nabisco happily accepted all hugs.

Deutsch: American Kennel Club Logo

Just the opposite, keeshonds are highly affectionate. Sweet tempered, patient and playful with children, keeshonds make wonderful family dogs. I know I have raised two of these upbeat and empathic dogs.

No, I did not buy them as puppies. Both Dawn and Nabisco came to us as one-year-olds, having lost their first three homes. I still find it shocking.

How could such wonderful dogs risk losing their lives in animal shelters?

They both lived, thanks to ethical breeders. But that is the subject of other posts.

Keeshonds make excellent family dogs. They adore living as companions. Be sure to spend time with a dog before you adopt as some love to bark. My dogs never became obsessive barkers. Working dogs need work, read Why Dogs Love People Who Click.

Keeshonds need about 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day. They adore learning new tricks and tend to live healthy lives. In the USA, this breed did not fall into the hands of backyard breeders. Nor did they become fashionable due to movies or shown off as celebrity pets.

In California, keeshonds benefit from quick and steady efforts of dog rescue efforts.

Adopt a Keeshond

Oscar waiting at BARK rescue.

Gentle Oscar gets on well with dogs and cats. He loves to cuddle.  Oscar waits for someone special in northern California to adopt him.

Learn more about this handsome dog.

BARK, Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden has a southern California sister. Note these do not adopt out of state.

Please share Oscar on Facebook, Twitter, etc. because together

we can get him a forever family.

Thanks so much, Deborah Taylor-French