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Sun lover dogs

Senior dogs’ sunbaths

All of our dogs were sunbathers, even my keeshonds! Keeshonds that have a double coat to keep them warm in snow and ice. Dawn and Nabisco loved to go outside and lay in the sun. How odd that they loved a short naps and feeling overheated. Their two-layered coats grown for chilly Dutch barges and cool winters did not stop them from stretching out in a patch of sunshine until they were panting hot.

Happy campers
Keeshond smiling Dawn + Kid
 Nabisco tiny +cropped
Girl hugs her keeshond dog

This senior dog, Babe, lowered her ears to let the rays warm another section of her forehead.

Babe smiles
Senior dog has a sunbath

I believe Babe’s pet parents adopted her. She has become the neighborhood favorite, naturally mellow and happy to hang with guys or gals. She even tolerates little barky dogs like our Sydney  (Please, don’t tell Syd that! He thinks of himself as a king, and believes he is the all time favorite of everyone in the world).

Some like it hot, some like it cold, me I like it whichever way I like it.
Senior dogs rock, Sydney knows!
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Senior Dogs Rock

Up on the Roof Dog : Photo Friday

Car with dog on the roof?

Yesterday, after doing the marketing I turned a corner, the side with our town’s U.S. Post Office, to find  this guy.

Hey there, I see you. Better no touch my car.
Who are you?

 Waiting looked like his job.

Dogs like to give themselves jobs, especially if we don’t give them something to do.

You want me to do slide down, right now?
You want me to do slide down, right now?

Directly opposite this car stood a dog groomers, and several dog parents came out. One say, “Hello Joey.”

Turns out, I had just met Joey, a local character. Her dog Athena looked at Joey. But they had to leave.

Hello, you coming down to play?
Hello, you coming down to play?

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Trash Hungry: Dog Leader Mystery

By D. Taylor-French Dog Leader Mysteries

“Nina?” Maeve said. “Where’d you go?”

Maeve stopped walking. She looked over the town square. Her freckled nose wrinkled when she spied Nina crouching behind a corner of city hall.

“Oh.” Maeve hurried back. “Why didn’t you say?”

Nina didn’t answer. Instead, she kept craning her neck toward a dumpster behind the market. She was chewing on a lock of wildly messy hair. From behind her head looked like a lion’s mane. Maeve peered over her friend’s shoulder. Around the corner stretched a parking lot with trees beyond it.

“What’s so interesting?” said Maeve. “Oh..what a mess. Raccoons threw trash everywhere. But Nina….”

“Shush,” whispered Nina, “don’t scare him—.” In afternoon shadows, clumps of trash rustled in the warm breeze. Greasy bags and empty soda cans skittered over the gravel and dirt. The market’s trash dumpster lids were open. Boxes and bags stuck up over the green bin’s side.

“Who’s him?” Maeve said, adding, “ Won’t a cool ice cream sandwich or a Choco Taco taste good?” That’s why they had walked to town. In the heat of the summer afternoon, Maeve glanced at the Golden Eagle Market across the parking lot.

Nina gasped. A tan dog slunk into view close to the green dumpster. The dogs ears pointed in two directions. He didn’t seem sure of anything except that the sun felt good on his head.

Shy dog
Shy dog

“Oh.” Maeve’s gaze followed Nina’s stare.

The dog’s ribs stuck out. Snatching up in a greasy donut bag, he ripped it open. His ears flopped as he chomped like he would eat it, bag and all. A car passed on the street by city hall; he backed away toward the trees.

Nina shook her head. “Got to stop him before he eats any plastic.”

Even though Maeve knew better than to talk while Nina sorted out an animal problem, Maeve complained, “I’m thirsty. Can’t we come back?”

Nina took a soundless step into the open. Sinking low, she reached one hand slowly toward the dog. The dog looked up. Nina called softly, “Here, hungry dog. Have some yummy food.” The dog froze, eyes wide. One at a time, Nina tossed dried chicken treats. She aimed each into a trail leading toward her.

The dog flinched. He raised his head, snuffling Nina’s treats. After eating two bites, the dog looked at Nina’s outstretched hand as if it wanted to trust her. Dropping his head, he snatched a greasy donut bag and ripped it open.

The Franklin Dairy water truck pulled up and parked in front of the Golden Eagle Market, causing the dog to drop the bag and run. He melted into the trees.

When Maeve saw the red water truck, she blushed and stood up straight, as if to look taller. Maeve pulled a swath of reddish ponytail from her freckled face. Stifling a giggle, she watched the Franklin twins climb down from the truck cab.

Would you like riding in a truck like this?
The Franklin farm truck looks like this.

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Trash Hungry: a Dog Leader Mystery

Today Show: American Kennel Club Approved Puppy Mill Pups

A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society
A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Help stop puppy mill breeders from parading as American Kennel Club approved breeders.

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“New accusations that one of the country’s largest organizations dedicated to dogs, the American Kennel Club, isn’t doing enough to protect animals. TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen reports.”  

Do you know that the American Kennel Club has only nine inspectors for the entire United States of America?

In my opinion, this is NOT nearly enough inspectors to do site visits at even 10% of all AKC approved breeders. AKC pedigreed puppies should be bred for healthy lives and under humane conditions. Don’t the dogs and the dog buyers deserve this?

What do you think? 

Can 9 breeder inspectors protect all AKC registered breed dogs across American from unethical and inhumane puppy mill breeders?

American Kennel Club Hounds
American Kennel Club Hounds (Photo credit: eschipul)


Video: One of the country’s largest organizations dedicated to dogs, the American Kennel Club, is facing new accusations from the Humane Society and the ASPCA saying that some AKC-registered breeders are raising dogs in filthy, inhumane conditions. NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates.”

The Today Show

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AKC-registered breeders raising dogs in ‘miserable’ conditions

Help dog buyers stop buying puppy mill dogs approved by the American Kennel Club. Help dog lovers find breed rescue groups and shut puppy mills. No more animal cruelty under the AKC stamp of approval. Dogs lives and futures depend on us. Be their voice. Speak up. Write for dog rescue and adoption.

Yours most truly,

Deborah Taylor-French

Smiling Sydney Mystery: Photo Friday

Some of you know I traveled to Italy and Turkey for three weeks. I missed all my family and friends. I missed Sydney’s panting smile and his wiggling greeting.

When at last I returned, our dog gave me a look that seemed to say, “Wait a minute! I forgot who you are.” Then he raised his muzzle and sniffed. I believed I saw a tiny lightbulb go on in his head. He perked up, trotted over and said with his licks, “Good. There you are. You taste interesting, what’s that mixed with the jet fuel and perfume?”

Ready, set? Go!
Ready, set? Go!

Dogs eyesight maybe weaker than ours in daylight, but their noses are millions of times more powerful, splitting smells into messages, facts and mystery.

Sydney's nose knows.
Sydney’s nose knows.

Remember, part of a daily walk with your dog is all about his or her nose. To be inside all day maybe like wearing a blind fold for us. So go outside and make it a smelly great time for your best dog.