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5 years at Dog Leader Mysteries

Happy Anniversary on WordPress.com

I registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago.

Blogging enthralled me.

Merriam-Webster gives the following definition. Depending upon the day, I’m either a slave to blogging or I’m charmed and spellbound. Pick a day and spin the wheel. Have no idea which blog posts feel easy to write, flow into developed and publishable points of view.

Full Definition of ENTHRALL

transitive verb
1: to hold in or reduce to slavery
2: to hold spellbound : charm

Celebrating five years on WordPress (a few grumbles & bumpy days) I find my questions increasing  and my patience decreasing.

california-writers-club-redwood-writers-sonoma-county-ca-seastorm-press-leigh-anne-lindseyReady-set….BP_Wordless_wed_Hop_Logo_2014.jpgPuppies for Sale

Questions for WordPress  

1. In themes, how do I add show comments?

2. Which themes offer this feature?

3. Why did I lose Mail Chimp when I changed themes?

4. Bloggers hate the new WordPress editor, why did you trash what worked for us so well?

I happen to be fond of my screen saver, which has nothing to do with Dog Leader Mysteries. Or does it, and I haven’t figured it out yet?
Time for a self protrait? The whole truth or a fabricated story, which do you like better?

A tall tale or a slow burning personal story?

Leave clues!

3 reasons funny dogs make you crazy

Like funny photos?

Love silly dog photos? Then please follow PETanimals because their WordPress blog just keeps the dogs coming. Thought I had seen this photograph of  an underwater dog before, perhaps in a book?

Any of you know this photograph’s source? I like to credit sources.

3 reasons funny dogs drive you crazy

  1. You look at funny dog photographs.
  2. You look for more funny dog photographs.
  3. You think with the right dog and camera you could make even funnier dog photographs.

Our Saturday contribution of Sydney in a wig.

I feel something dark coming for me.
Disguise or new personality?


they call me crazy &You thinkYou’reCrazy ??? 🙂


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Freaky Friday full dog moon: Photo Friday

Living with a freaky dog?

Dog in the moon?
Dog in the moon?

 Got a dog with a car roof habit?

One day I turned a corner toward our U.S. Post Office and saw this little dog. Later I discovered this is what this dog is well-known for, rooftop guarding. Well, more like a lookout, because he didn’t bark, just looked at each person and dog that passed his car.

Hey there, I see you. Better no touch my car.
Who are you?

 This roof lookout seems to like his job.

Dogs like to give themselves jobs, especially if we don’t give them something to do.

You want me to do slide down, right now?
You want me to do slide down, right now?

Directly opposite this car stood a dog groomers. I watched as several dog parents came out with their well groomed pets.

One woman said,  “Hello Joey.” It turned out, I had just met Joey, a local character.

Have a freaky full dog moon Friday

The Dog in the Moon
The Dog in the Moon

Thanks for stopping by Dog Leader Mysteries, Deborah Taylor-French.

What does your dog do that looks freaky?

Want to share a photograph of your dog doing something unusual on Dog Leader Mysteries?

Come on. Send me a photograph.  Your dog or friend’s dog could star in next week’s Photo Friday.




Photo Friday: Corn Dog or the World’s Corniest?

By Deborah Taylor-French http://www.dogleadermysteries.com

Didn’t make it to the fair this summer?

Craving a corn dog? Or just like corny jokes?

Q. Why does a seagull fly over the sea?
A. Because if it flew over the bay it would be called a bagel!

Read more: Corny Jokes http://www.greatcleanjokes.com/jokes/kids-jokes/corny-jokes/#ixzz2dSrYKiqI

We have the corniest dog.

Do not touch my corn!
Do not touch my corn!

Photo Credit: Marc Hoffman

Sydney loves his corn cob.

Of course, we do not let him eat it. He gets the fun of chewing and licking, plus having his corn.

Sydney growls, telling us that what’s in his mouth…should stay in his mouth.

Dogs know that possession is the law.

Never mess with what a dog believes he owns what is inside his jaws. That is a good way to get bitten. Although dogs live with us and share our lives, dogs are not human. Dogs have complex social relationships with us and with other animals, especially other dogs. One of the absolute rules between dogs is to NEVER take away anything in another dog’s jaws.

Two different schools of thought about dogs and their food.

  1. Dogs have rights. Treat dogs gently with understanding for their unique point of view.
  2. Dogs need domination. Dogs must live completely submissive to human owners. Owners and trainers should train dogs to meekly allow people to take away their food or toys at anytime.

Sydney knows his food. He also knows the command “drop it” and how to trade foods for other favorites.

All dogs learn to respect other dogs’ rights to keep what is inside their mouths.

What do you think?

Do dogs have rights?

Throwback Thursday

Get a look at these vintage dog photographs.

Celebrate Throwback Thursday by taking a look at these historical pictures of pooches. All photos and captions courtesy of Getty Images.

1. 1860: A canine amateur photographer.

2. 1867: A Victorian family sitting outside their country home.

3. 1890: A woman posing for a portrait in a photographic studio with her dog.

4. 1890: Children of the Klondike area of Yukon Territory, Canada, sitting with their dog by a street sign. In the 1890’s there was a great gold rush here, yielding over $22 million worth of gold in one peak year of production.

5. 1895: A pet dog sitting on the dining room table whilst a couple has their dinner.

6. 1904: A party of holidaymakers at the seaside.

7. 1908: A young crocodile, the perfect new pet for ladies, as demonstrated by this woman and her dog at Bostock’s Jungle, Earls Court.

8.1910: Lady Aberdeen, wife of…

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