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Synopsis: Summing up your story makes a difference by Andrea Lundgren

Readers like to know what they’re getting into before they start a book. They want to know if it’s a series, what genre, and what they can expect, overall, before they start reading (unless they trust you and your stories already, in which case they might just want to read without any foreknowledge). This is […] … Continue reading Synopsis: Summing up your story makes a difference by Andrea Lundgren

5 reasons I love indie books

A fab five points on why author Crissi Langwell loves indie books. Her blog is a gas, so please go and enjoy then like and share.

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Crissi Langwell

I admit it. Before I became an author, I had never read an indie-published book. I can list a few different reasons for this:
– There’s less risk with a traditionally published book…a publisher thought it was good, so it must be good (uh, right).
– Traditionally published books are more recognizable, thanks to deep marketing pockets.
– I know what to expect in a traditionally published book.

The truth is, most traditionally published books ARE good. Most of my favorite books are traditionally published1. However, I’ve become increasingly aware of how good some indie-published books can be, mostly for the things traditionally published books CAN’T be. Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Indie books are cheap. This is good news for someone who reads a lot, like me. I am able to feed my habit and not go broke. For less than a cup of coffee…

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