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Cheap Healthy Dog Treats: Wordless Wednesday – Redo

By Deborah Taylor-French

When it comes to trick or treat, this dog wants all treats.

Hint, I like pork chops.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

 Some dogs will eat anything.

Our guy Sydney LOVES to eat! But what he loves changes, two healthy additions to his diet have been pumpkin and yams (in small quantities).

Do not overdo carrots, yams and pumpkin.

Dogs get diabetes like we do. So go easy on sweet foods, do not feed sugary foods, refined white bread or other simple carbohydrates. With one exception, I feed white rice when one of my dogs becomes ill. Simple and easy to digest, cooked white rice and a little cottage cheese for protein help my dogs back to health.

Healthy cooked foods for dogs

  • pumpkin
  • yam
  • carrots

Healthy raw foods for dogs

  • fresh snap peas
  • celery
  • apple in small pieces

Some dogs are fussy or picky eaters

Try small amounts and wait a few days to make sure your dog digests any new “healthy treats” because some dogs, older ones for instance, take a while to adjust to any new food, no matter how healthy.

What healthy treats does your dog like to eat?


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Thanks for reading and caring about dogs.



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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pup: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

A Little Pumpkin Makes Thanksgiving Merry

Hint, I like pork chops.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

Pumpkin Is a Wonderful Food for Dogs

One branch of science thinks humans evolved large brains and multiplied quickly was a result of taming fire, cooking fires, which led to us being able to eat a huge variety of foods in all seasons. If dogs, which they certainly did, evolve with us, it stand to reason that they too, ate whatever we ate.

I don’t feed my dog #rawfood.

I’ve tried a variety of foods and continue to gradual rotate his diet. He no longer eats the kibble he ate at the animal shelter. We feed him chicken, venison, buffalo with organic yams or pumpkin, a few fresh sweet peas, carrot or apple pieces.

He’s super healthy, no more skin allergies (except to our lawn, he loves to roll in grass) and no more smelling gas.

Our dog, Sydney, eats #grainfree like us, on a well-cooked diet.

I have lived with digestive problems since birth. I tried fruit juice fasts and a diet of #rawfoods and became extremely ill. I wanted to eat the same diet my boyfriend lived on, raw salads and fruits. After becoming so ill, I could not eat anything and felt so exhausted I had to rest in bed all day (a lifestyle not suited to my love of hiking, dancing and digging in the garden).

A Chinese herbalist helped me get well, on herbal formulas and cooked foods. To this day, I avoid raw, cold and heavy sweets. Soups and roasted vegetables with a small amount of berries keeps me in good #health.

No, I don’t feed my dog raw food, how about you?

Sydney spits out raw pumpkin, he likes it cooked.

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Little Stinker, Pumpkin Pup

By Deborah Taylor-French

When it comes to trick or treat, this guy wants all treats!

Hint, I like pork chops.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

Be sure your dog has a quiet night and chocolate free Halloween. If you are walking your little children door to door with your dog, please make sure your dog will not eat anything by feeding your dog before you go and taking yummy dog treats along.

Remember a click a day feeds shelter pets…and it is FREE at The Animal Rescue Site.

So give a treat to a shelter pet today, tomorrow and beyond.


Rabbit Yoshi Heals Leg and Hearts

By Deborah Taylor-French

We love Yoshi. Her name means “good luck” in Japanese. Yoshi received good luck because our lovely Alex saved Yoshi’s life.

Left unattended in a cage at a construction site, little rabbit Yoshi’s leg bled. No one came to take her home. Alex’s friends took the rabbit, but did not have a home for her. They had to keep her outside near their truck.

Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.
Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.

When Alex first saw Yoshi, the rabbit’s front left paw was raw-pink-red. A large open wound prevented the rabbit from using her leg. She held her leg up and could not stand the pain of placing weight on it.

Hi, can we play now?
Yoshi Rescued Pet Rabbit

Alex took Yoshi to a veterinarian who suggested amputation. He believed the rabbit’s leg had been broken and would never heal. Alex could not afford surgery. And more than anything she wanted to try to help Yoshi keep her leg. The Vet gave a course of liquid pain control and antibiotics.  He also reduced the fee, knowing Alex did not plan on adopting the rabbit.

Alex treated Yoshi twice a day with antibiotics and pain medication. Alex treated the wound with peroxide everyday for a month.

Yoshi wore a cone head. I worried she couldn’t eat or drink wearing a plastic cone. Yoshi taught herself to scoop up alfalfa pellets into the cone and catch her food as it slid toward her mouth!

After terrible suffering and loneliness, Yoshi healed.

Months of treatment and love from Alex (and a little help from us) this little and young rabbit lives happy and playfully.

Much to our surprise, Yoshi hops quite normally on her once damaged leg. Even her beautiful white fur grew over the massive wound.

Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi's nails.
Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi’s nails.

The miracle bunny happens to love people and is okay with our small dog. Confident, curious and cute, Yoshi will make you happy everyday, as she has made us.

Yoshi got a new nickname, Hop-along.

Yoshi waits in foster care for her forever home.

Please help this little rabbit get a great indoor home. We hope she can go to a house rabbit family where she will use her four feet to jump for joy.

Please help our Yoshi “hopping” for a home. Sonoma County or nearby would be best. Yoshi comes with a comfortable night time pen.

A Bunny Brother?: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

How Can A Dog Live with a Rabbit?

At first, when my girl made me sit next to her rabbit, I felt weird.

She kept saying, “Sydney sit. Stay.” Being a pup, I felt like running and barking, but NO. My girl made me sit for the photo you see here. I learned that having a rabbit for a brother can be fun. We both like the same treats.

Assertive House Rabbit Teaches Dog to Behave

Paris ignored me. He only grunted and charged at me if I bugged him.

Soon, I learned to quietly follow him around. When I bugged him, Paris zoomed into an igloo to take a nap. After a few years, I was out numbered, an only dog with two rabbit brothers. Don’t feel bad for me. I had fun with them, they chased me and I sniffed after them. We all liked to eat grass.

I do like our rabbit, Paris, but does he like me?
Are you sure it’s okay to sit close?

Paris and London do not hop around here anymore. I miss our bunnies. Two weeks ago, when I sniffed a door, I smelled a new rabbit, I scratched at a door, wanting to see him.

Play pens are okay, if they keep the crowds away.
Mom, are you sure I have to have a dog for a brother?

 Another Bunny Brother?

Sure enough!

Mom had brought Tokyo Tuxedo home. She adopted him from the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. I can tell he does not like me. Not yet. Maybe, he doesn’t like dogs?

I get so excited, I whine and yelp. He shakes himself and hops away. I can only stay and sniff through the pen wire when I’m quiet. Mom feeds us both carrots. I hope Tuxedo likes me soon. That way, we both will get more carrots.