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Photo Friday: Mutt Marvelous Crocodiles

By Deborah Taylor-French Marvelous Mutt Monday

Crocodile Dogs

A long-legged dog and a short-legged dog both sported great attitudes and costumes at Mutt Strut.

Here's licking at you, Kid.
A perfect pose at Mutt Strut Costume Contest


Tune in next Friday to see the short-legged crocodile doggy. I promise he’s super cute.

Dog Leader Mysteries Blog’s

Marvelous Mutt Contest closes in 2 days!

October 5, 2013.

No costume needed just follow these steps.

Still time to enter your mutt in three easy steps to win yummy treats.

Do You Have a Mutt Full of Personality?

Do you have one?

  1. Please leave a comment with your favorite mutt’s name, plus what makes him or her special.
  2. I will email you requesting a copy of your mutt’s photograph.
  3. Tell me why your mutt should win a basket of healthy goodies from Dog Leader Mysteries?

So far, Pierson’s mom Dawn has officially entered.

Note: You must live in the USA to enter.

Rabbit Makes Dog Obey: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

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Pet Photography Magic

No words needed. Still I want to tell you the story of how this unique pet photograph happened.

We adopted our rabbit from a local shelter. About four years later, we adopted our dog, Sydney. Right away, our rabbit taught Sydney to respect him, made him stop if our dog was too nosy. Both pets seemed to know that first they needed to do what we wanted and get along peacefully.

House Rabbit Holds His Own with Dog

Paris, our beautiful first rescue rabbit, made sure he gave our dog clear orders. If Paris ever felt crowded, he would quickly jump 180 degrees and face Sydney.

I remember Paris sitting there like puffed up like a rounded rock, as if to say, “What the heck are you doing so close. Get back.”

Our girl had just turned twelve and she liked to train them together. Behind closed room doors, she set up a photography studio.

Okay, you win.
Okay, you win.

I have no idea how she got them to stay together and sit so close.

An everyday little miracle like this photograph of rabbit and dog reminds that life holds delightfully unexpected gifts.

Have a great Friday.

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Photo Friday “That’s my dog treat.”

From the very first day we brought Sydney home, he showed us that he would work for food. As you can see nothing has changed.

We switch up the treats we use. Sometimes his breakfast kibble, sometimes canine-chicken jerky or tiny bites of a low-fat sausage roll make him eager to please. Baked dog biscuits don’t sit high on his list of favorites, but in a pinch….

Hey, that has my name on it.

Sid stands for a biscuit