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Photo Friday: Mutt Marvelous Crocodiles

By Deborah Taylor-French Marvelous Mutt Monday Crocodile Dogs A long-legged dog and a short-legged dog both sported great attitudes and costumes at Mutt Strut. Tune in next Friday to see the short-legged crocodile doggy. I promise he's super cute. Dog Leader Mysteries Blog's Marvelous Mutt Contest closes in 2 days! October 5, 2013. No costume … Continue reading Photo Friday: Mutt Marvelous Crocodiles

Rabbit Makes Dog Obey: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French To fetch another of my Dog Leader Mysteries click Mutt Monday: Sports Star & Talking Dog Video Pet Photography Magic No words needed. Still I want to tell you the story of how this unique pet photograph happened. We adopted our rabbit from a local shelter. About four years later, we adopted our … Continue reading Rabbit Makes Dog Obey: Photo Friday

Photo Friday “That’s my dog treat.”

From the very first day we brought Sydney home, he showed us that he would work for food. As you can see nothing has changed. We switch up the treats we use. Sometimes his breakfast kibble, sometimes canine-chicken jerky or tiny bites of a low-fat sausage roll make him eager to please. Baked dog biscuits … Continue reading Photo Friday “That’s my dog treat.”