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Sun lover dogs

Senior dogs’ sunbaths

All of our dogs were sunbathers, even my keeshonds! Keeshonds that have a double coat to keep them warm in snow and ice. Dawn and Nabisco loved to go outside and lay in the sun. How odd that they loved a short naps and feeling overheated. Their two-layered coats grown for chilly Dutch barges and cool winters did not stop them from stretching out in a patch of sunshine until they were panting hot.

Happy campers
Keeshond smiling Dawn + Kid
 Nabisco tiny +cropped
Girl hugs her keeshond dog

This senior dog, Babe, lowered her ears to let the rays warm another section of her forehead.

Babe smiles
Senior dog has a sunbath

I believe Babe’s pet parents adopted her. She has become the neighborhood favorite, naturally mellow and happy to hang with guys or gals. She even tolerates little barky dogs like our Sydney  (Please, don’t tell Syd that! He thinks of himself as a king, and believes he is the all time favorite of everyone in the world).

Some like it hot, some like it cold, me I like it whichever way I like it.
Senior dogs rock, Sydney knows!
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Senior Dogs Rock

Lick or Treat? Hop on Blog Paws for Laughs

By Deborah Taylor-French

Blog Paws: Wordless Wednesday

Trick or Treat

So many Wednesdays, I miss this fun BlogPaws blog hop. Not today, we are passing the licks around on Dog Leader Mysteries.

Hear me growling at you, Mate?
Now give me all the food.Pirate shirt from The Animal Rescue Site, purchased 2012. Click everyday to feed shelter pets. Explore the site for a few minutes to find their fair trade gift items and pet costumes.No candy for me, really.
Dog napping after trying on to many Halloween costumes.

Until Sydney we never dressed our dogs, I thought dogs in dresses or costumes looked weird. Because Sydney comes from a poodle mix, he has hair, not fur, and must be shaved.

Exhausted from dressing up or from getting shaved?

Poor thing, he suffers at the groomers under clippers and scissors. So after a shave he needs a sweater.  In fall and winter, he must wear something to keep warm.

“Growl—and scowl—often. Pirates don’t use a cultured, elegant, smooth vocalization. They growl, mutter, and scowl, all the better t’ rattle yer timbers an’ chill ye to th’ bone.” wikiHow How to Talk Like a Pirate.

I wonder what he will dress up as this Halloween? A fairy prince with green wings? A penguin? A white fluffy kitten?

Please hop on over to the other Wordless Wednesday blogs and leave a note or a squeak or a paw print.

Hooray for Wordless Wednesday

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Keep on Hopping
Keep on Hopping
English: Candy or trick . Svenska: Bus eller g...
English: Candy or trick . Svenska: Bus eller godis i Sverige. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trash Hungry: Dog Leader Mystery

By D. Taylor-French Dog Leader Mysteries

“Nina?” Maeve said. “Where’d you go?”

Maeve stopped walking. She looked over the town square. Her freckled nose wrinkled when she spied Nina crouching behind a corner of city hall.

“Oh.” Maeve hurried back. “Why didn’t you say?”

Nina didn’t answer. Instead, she kept craning her neck toward a dumpster behind the market. She was chewing on a lock of wildly messy hair. From behind her head looked like a lion’s mane. Maeve peered over her friend’s shoulder. Around the corner stretched a parking lot with trees beyond it.

“What’s so interesting?” said Maeve. “Oh..what a mess. Raccoons threw trash everywhere. But Nina….”

“Shush,” whispered Nina, “don’t scare him—.” In afternoon shadows, clumps of trash rustled in the warm breeze. Greasy bags and empty soda cans skittered over the gravel and dirt. The market’s trash dumpster lids were open. Boxes and bags stuck up over the green bin’s side.

“Who’s him?” Maeve said, adding, “ Won’t a cool ice cream sandwich or a Choco Taco taste good?” That’s why they had walked to town. In the heat of the summer afternoon, Maeve glanced at the Golden Eagle Market across the parking lot.

Nina gasped. A tan dog slunk into view close to the green dumpster. The dogs ears pointed in two directions. He didn’t seem sure of anything except that the sun felt good on his head.

Shy dog
Shy dog

“Oh.” Maeve’s gaze followed Nina’s stare.

The dog’s ribs stuck out. Snatching up in a greasy donut bag, he ripped it open. His ears flopped as he chomped like he would eat it, bag and all. A car passed on the street by city hall; he backed away toward the trees.

Nina shook her head. “Got to stop him before he eats any plastic.”

Even though Maeve knew better than to talk while Nina sorted out an animal problem, Maeve complained, “I’m thirsty. Can’t we come back?”

Nina took a soundless step into the open. Sinking low, she reached one hand slowly toward the dog. The dog looked up. Nina called softly, “Here, hungry dog. Have some yummy food.” The dog froze, eyes wide. One at a time, Nina tossed dried chicken treats. She aimed each into a trail leading toward her.

The dog flinched. He raised his head, snuffling Nina’s treats. After eating two bites, the dog looked at Nina’s outstretched hand as if it wanted to trust her. Dropping his head, he snatched a greasy donut bag and ripped it open.

The Franklin Dairy water truck pulled up and parked in front of the Golden Eagle Market, causing the dog to drop the bag and run. He melted into the trees.

When Maeve saw the red water truck, she blushed and stood up straight, as if to look taller. Maeve pulled a swath of reddish ponytail from her freckled face. Stifling a giggle, she watched the Franklin twins climb down from the truck cab.

Would you like riding in a truck like this?
The Franklin farm truck looks like this.

Come back next week for more

Trash Hungry: a Dog Leader Mystery

5 ways to prevent cruelty to animals

By Deborah Taylor-French http://www.dogleadermysteries.com

For 147 years, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)  has kept its motto:

“We are their voice.”

Each April, Dog Leader Mysteries blog goes ORANGE for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

For puppies sake! Pet shops must stop selling pups.
For puppies sake! Pet shops must stop selling pups.

1 Adopt, don’t shop for your next pet. In the USA millions of pets die in animal shelters every year. The main reason these pets die is due to abandonment, getting lost, or pets families losing their homes. Also pet families may not be able to pay for health care for aging pets.  Homeless pets need our help.

The best way to stop puppy mills is never buy a pet online or in a pet shop.

2. Look for and only buy cruelty free products. Cosmetic companies have changed their laboratory testing on animals because of people who do not want rabbits, cats and dogs suffering in cages. Pets and lab animals suffer as creams, lotions or makeup gets rubbed into their eyes.

3. Never buy fur.  The fur trade has a long history of cruelty to animals. Animals hunted for fur coats or baby seals clubbed to death adds up to terrible cruelty. Write letters to retail stores that sell fur to stop. For every person who writes a letter to end the suffering of animals hunted or raised in cages for the fur trade, another hundred people believe this type of animal cruelty must stop.

4. Visit the ASPCA to learn more about what you can do for animals. The ASPCA Website hosts a page of free stuff like computer wallpapers and cut badges like the ones on my blog today.  Click for free stuff. http://www.aspca.org/about-us/aspca-april/

5. ASPCA Day on April 10 wear orange—the official color of the ASPCA—to commemorate the protection of animals.

Orange you gonna take me for a walk?
I love April.

Sydney rarely notices poppies, unless another dog has left him a message.

Stop Cruelty to Animals

I love all flowers in every color. One of the first flowers I learned to name was the California poppy, our state’s official flower. These wild poppies self-sow. Their seeds ride the wind then grow in-between rocks, weeds and garden plants. I like watching California poppies as  they poke their pale-green leaves up in our garden. I feel watching their rich color may rival to the thrill I feel when a hummingbird zooms close by. Native poppies sporting golden-orange. Their cheery waves makes a day in the Golden State of California live up to its name.

Wear orange when you walk your dog this April.  Show your true colors for animal welfare. If you look good in orange, you can get a t-shirt from the ASPCA Go Orange.

ASPCA sign_545X300


This April turn your Website orange!


Blogging for Dogs + How to Use More Brain Power

By Deborah Taylor-French

When I started Dog Leader Mysteries, I had clear ideas on why I wanted to write a blog. For a number of weeks I struggled with my tagline. Yesterday, I picked up a note pad with my outline and felt dumb-struck. The first part of my tagline scrawled in my looping, quickly penciled notes, seemed to look back at me.

 What was written there?

Saving dogs’ lives

My mission has not changed. Saving dogs continues as the guiding purpose in both this blog and my fiction. Then the second half of my mission came after blogging for a few months.

and Dog Lovers’ Sanity

 Happily, I have met hundreds of dog lovers over the past two+ years of writing. I have met them in animal shelters, at fundraisers for homeless pets, at pet stores, in dog parks walking their dogs, on their blogs advocating for pet adoption, on YouTube through their videos and on Facebook.

All of these animal advocates, shelter workers and volunteers share my two-part mission.

They know if they fail to educate the new families who give pets foster care or adopt, those pets end up dumped back in an animal shelter. All pets depend on their caregivers for their lives, food, wellness, and exercise plus their emotional and mental engagement.

Is it dinnertime yet?
Is it dinnertime yet?

I like LinkedIn’s pet professionals and dog lover groups. Members offer mostly positive, helpful information. I also joined groups that share software tips about working with software and widgets for WordPress.org. Two weeks ago I discovered the group, Grammar Geeks. They hone in on how to write correct and clearly. This welcoming mix of professionals and hobby writers has fun while sharpening pencils on American English. I find myself laughing. Our English is a mash-up of many languages, therefor puzzling to both native and second language speakers.

One pet blogger received a snippy comment from a person on LinkedIn. “Why are you writing about saving dogs at a time when so many human rights need champions?”

The pet blogger gave a kind and simple response, “I had to start somewhere, and so I started with dogs. I blog for giving dogs more humane treatment.”

Wow! With that one comment, she had me as a fan.

This morning I listened to three minutes on the huge capacity we have to use the unused parts of our brains.

My comment: Writing exercises the brain. Original thinking often surprises a leads writers on adventures, adventures sparked by questions like “What if, you were Superman? What if, you could stop inhumane treatment of people or animals? What if, you had the power to invent a product so amazing that you could not even dream of it, it just appeared in your mind and you wrote it down and began creating it?”

I want to recommend a few dog or pet lover sites I visit. I found Kimberly (Morris) Gauthier, a great dog lover and writer on a LinkedIn dog discussion group. You can find her magazine at  Keep the Tail Wagging, an Online Magazine for Dog Lovers

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Life With Dogs: http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/