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Smiling Sydney Mystery: Photo Friday

Some of you know I traveled to Italy and Turkey for three weeks. I missed all my family and friends. I missed Sydney’s panting smile and his wiggling greeting.

When at last I returned, our dog gave me a look that seemed to say, “Wait a minute! I forgot who you are.” Then he raised his muzzle and sniffed. I believed I saw a tiny lightbulb go on in his head. He perked up, trotted over and said with his licks, “Good. There you are. You taste interesting, what’s that mixed with the jet fuel and perfume?”

Ready, set? Go!
Ready, set? Go!

Dogs eyesight maybe weaker than ours in daylight, but their noses are millions of times more powerful, splitting smells into messages, facts and mystery.

Sydney's nose knows.
Sydney’s nose knows.

Remember, part of a daily walk with your dog is all about his or her nose. To be inside all day maybe like wearing a blind fold for us. So go outside and make it a smelly great time for your best dog.

Let Sleeping Dogs Alone: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

We who live with dogs know they love to nap. Even as puppies, dogs sleep then sleep more. If you love to nap with your dog or just have a great photo of your dog sleeping, leave me a note. I would love to share your favorite napping dog photograph.

No candy for me, really.
Dog napping after trying on too many Halloween costumes.

“Let sleeping dogs lie” comes from the mouths of real dog lovers. When your dog sleeps, try waking him up. Our Sydney, if we wake him from a nap, just moves to another spot, clearly using body language to say, leave me alone.

Reblog: God Made Dog Video

Reblog by Dog Leader Mysteries

Hey, get a Saturday happy face on.

God Made Dog (the video)

Watch this video all the way because the script writing = narration cannot be beat. Watching made my heart glad, my eyes fill and my feet ready to go walk our dog, Sydney. I tell you this video gives more than cute and entertaining photographs (although there are plenty of those) this video shares dozens of reasons why we love dogs. Sometimes I am not sure why they love us. But they seem sure we give them more than food and a place to live.

No Dog About It Blog

This week’s video came to me via my friend Sue at For Love of a Dog. I saw it on her Facebook page as I was on my way to work and I just knew it had to be this week’s video.

Unlike the videos I share most weeks, this video doesn’t have cute little dogs running through snow or playing with a cat. But it does have some beautiful pictures and the most wonderful words. I strongly suspect you will be sharing this with all your dog-loving friends after you watch it.

Clearly God must love a dog. And really, who can blame him?

Happy Friday everyone!

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Dogs of Spain Ride Trains

Spain, Trains and Planes

By Deborah Taylor-French

Far from home on a business trip, I began snapping photos of dogs on the go. One evening in Madrid dozens of people hurried by. I wondered if Madrid had any dog run parks. Or could this be the hour everyone walked their dogs? Around a corner a triangular city square opened with a few benches. Only a few were letting their dogs socialize. And then, I saw this line. More and more people with dogs keep adding on until the line disappeared around the corner.

A little confused, I still didn’t get what was going on. I asked, “Why the long line?” Of course nobody answered because I spoke in English.This smells good, can we mix and mingle?

Is this the park? It smells like a park.

The building looked imposing, and unattractive. Words inscribed near the roofline made me guess that I faced a government office.

Next-I felt sorry for the dogs. They were being lined up to get their annual health shots, of course this is a good thing. Kid like, I had expected the dogs might be treated to something enjoyable. Expectations need do not help when traveling. That’s part of the fun of travel, the novel, unplanned, and odd stuff I run into.

I loved seeing how normal it was to see dogs boarding trains. And this little white guy reminded me of our Sydney back in California.

Sure, I am a ready to travel type of dog.
Waiting in line? That’s okay, just take me with you.

Have a fun weekend!

If you are far from home, would you snap photos of the dogs you see? I would love to share a few on this blog. Just leave a comment so I can connect with you via email.

PS. For those of you who keep copying my blog (without my permission), please, at least, include a link to this source. Dog Leader Mysteries.

Hound Mix Mutt Monday

Muttville senior dog rescue


Harley 2October 3, 2011

BREED Hound mix
SIZE Large

Harley is a 12 year-old. At 85 pounds, this male mystery mix (he looks most similar to a Rafeiro Do Alentejo and Chien Francais) could be a Hound with some Pointer. His owner was hospitalized and  now lives in a rest home and will never return home.

Lake Co. Animal Control found Harley tied to his dog house in his back yard.

This mellow dog is very easy-going, and is happy lounging around relaxing with you. He recently went through heartworm treatment, which takes a lot out of a senior dog, so we haven’t seen him extremely animated so far. He does like to check out all the new smells in his new environments, though. He’s eager to please, and was house-trained in a couple days

He gets along just fine with dogs and cats, and came into the shelter with Zuce, but lets them know when he doesn’t want to be pestered. With people, simply saying his name and a few nice words will get his tail wagging. He’s also a “leaner”—start petting him and he’ll lean against you for affection.

Harley 2 (aka 1107)

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