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5 poets to raise your courage

Great poetry raises my courage

Kahlil Gibran, born in Lebanon, was a poet, artist, philosophical essayist and a novelist,who emigrated to New York in 1885. His work, written both in Arabic and English was very much influenced by the European modernists of the nineteenth century, with deep mystical, philosophical and spiritual understanding of the world. Gibran had simple, yet direct […]

via Kahlil Gibran’s timeless wisdom on the purpose of poetry and meaning of work —

This post begins with a reblog of Business in Rhyme.

The major joy of blogging on WordPress.com is discovering excellent thought leaders and fascinating content  that stretch the imagination.  Have just found Business in Rhyme written by Maja S. Todorovic.

What made me keep reading Todorovic’s blog?

Her unique blend of interests and talents made me curious. I wanted more. I will admit I ended up googling her background. Her Internet presence and publications cover several  pages on Google’s search engine.

“The latest Tweets from Maja S. Todorovic (@businessinrhyme). Writer, educator and entrepreneur: a place where creativity and poetry meet. Her Twitter biography mentions she writes from The Netherlands. (I love visiting The Netherlands for many reasons, number one being that the Van Gogh Museum grew out of the painter’s family treasure of his works.) So I’m intrigued in Todorovic’s travels and cultural background.”

From Todorovic’s blog, Business in Rhyme on WordPress.com.

As promised, here are five great poets to build courage

  1. Kahlil Gibran
  2. Anne Sexton
  3. Antonio Machado
  4. Maya Angelou
  5. Robert Bly

When you click the links you will see well-known poetry sites, who have permission to republish these poets’ poems, a single poem by each one related to the topic of courage. Thanks for reading. If you enjoy reading this, please share it. A friend or loved one may need cheering up. These poets and poems strengthen us in ways nothing else can.

Deborah Taylor-French writes at Dog Leader Mysteries

I like poetry that makes me laugh.
A good book makes a great day.

Dog Days of Summer Cool for Redwood Writers Salon

By Deborah Taylor-French

Ancient Romans called the hot days of July to early September Caniculares, meaning “dogdays.” Many believe this tradition began because during this time of year Sirius, the so-called Dog Star rises and sets with the sun. Our dog days have shifted to milder weather, perfect for gardening. Dogs do love the shade of a garden, the spray of a sprinkler or licks from a cool fountain.

Most of my readers know I am an active member of Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. So this post departs from being related to dogs or animal welfare.

Deep shade from two walls of evergreens invites visitors.
Photographs by Marc Hoffman

Sher Garmard, Salon Coordinator planned this summer event six months in advance. I offered my garden. A group of twenty would have had to squish on floor pillows in the living room. I felt glad our backyard garden was ready to receive visitors after years of dreaming, planning and rebuilding.

Fortunately, a lazy ocean breeze softened the heat wave. We gathered under swaths of shade. After sharing wine, cooling sparkling waters, and a buffet lunch, we formed a circle in the shade of the gazebo.

Sher Garmad, Salon Coordinator
Sher reads a Rumi poem translated by her husband.

Elaine Webster (our new RW President)  and I had suggested we try featuring poetry. No surprise we drew well-written and thoughtful poetry, but the volume of wit and humor did make us giggle and, at times, roar with glee.

Elaine Webster reads her poetry.
Elaine makes me laugh.

Funny poetry? Yes!

May you enjoy gentle weather, shade and wonderful friends.

Blake Webster capture moments and made this video.
Redwood Writers Salons

Ripley, a Canine Assistant Dog.

Hey there, got a big bowl of water for me?

One of our members brought her constant companion, Ripley. As you can see, Ripley is a working dog. Canine Assistance is her job. She wears her blue vest everywhere. When you see a dog wearing a blue vest, be sure to ask before you interact or pet the dog.

Ripley is one rare and perfectly behaved dog. So well-mannered people might not have notice her as she mingled in our group. Not one bark or bother. I could imagine Ripley enjoyed herself due to the kind attentions of her loving person. Later, she napped while we read our poems.

Some dogs get the perfect family. Some writers are lucky like we are, forming a fun and supportive family like club.

I cannot resist adding one more photograph featuring our much-loved former RedwoodWriters President, Linda Loveland Reid. She is a fine art painter, play director, writer and art historian, plus a lovely hostess and fabulous gardener.

Linda Loveland Reid and Deborah Taylor-French

For fun, summer dog photos go to Dog Days of Summer