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Puppy Wants Camera: Wordless Wednesday

By Deborah Taylor-French

A rescue Bloodhound pup went nose to nose with my camera. He seemed mighty curious. So I had to keep crawling backward. I felt worried that his nose might get stuck on the lens.

Let me in.
Let me in.

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Saving dogs on adoption at a time.
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Don’t Take That Puppy Home: Photo Friday

Just the sight of a puppy wobbling on a lawn or chewing on another puppy’s ear make people say, “Ah, isn’t he cute?”

Or your child says,  “Please Mommy,  just let me pick him up.” Before you know it, you have given in to a demand like  “I must have that puppy. Look. He likes me. See, he needs me!”

Free Puppy
Where am I?

Keep your puppy radar up this weekend.

Avoid unplanned puppy take homes.

If you don’t, before you know it you will be running around cleaning up floors, washing sheets, tossing out shredded socks, shoes and chairs, then signing up for a ten-week dog training course.

Puppies are like babies, a 24-hour labor of love.

Be sure you can make a 10 to 15 year commitment as a pet parent.

“In good times or in bad times, for richer or poorer (dogs are expensive), in sickness or in health.” (Must not do without Heartworm medication, annual Vet wellness checks and shots, plus dog license and food.)

And remember, dogs never grow up and go to college or get a job.

They need you for everything, always.

Are You Really Ready for a Puppy?

How much time everyday, can you give a puppy or dog?

  • Just how much are you willing to be trained and change your life for your new shadow?
  • Do you cheerfully rise early to let pets out?
  • Do you open doors on demand?
  • Go for 20 to 60 minutes walks in rain or snow?
  • Do you like to get up early to go outside and smell the flowers? Do you live on a regular chore schedule and can keep fresh water and feeding times regular?
  • Will you get a friend or neighbor to help take good care of your puppy?
  • Will you give up spontaneous trips out of town?

Of course, I love puppies. So far I have resisted by adopting all my dogs. Puppyhood is short, yet demanding.

Puppies grow up and spend 90 % or more of their lives as adult dogs.

Photo 3Photo 4

Shaggy Puppy Mutt Monday

What a cute face this boy has. I can see “adorable mutt” written all over it. Dane waits at a foster care home in San Jose, California. He was born around October 2010 and weighs 25 lbs. Dane is an active, loving boy.  He would probably do best with a canine buddy.

Shaggy Puppy Dane e1311562446439

Fetch Dane by contacting Mary (Dane’s foster parent) by phone at (408) 224-6273. Sorry, no email accepted.

To learn more about NARF, which stands for Nike Animal Rescue Foundation, look them up at http://www.narfrescue.org/dogs/dane/

Little Dog Mutt Monday

After a rough start in life, six month old, Mia waits at Pets Lifeline in Sonoma, California. Mia, a female, short coat Chihuahua, now enjoys her puppyhood, playing and loving. Mia likes to cuddle. She will fill your lap and your heart.

Fetch her at http://www.petslifeline.org/puppiesanddogs.html

Mia Chihuahua