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March Hares?

Bunny madness or March hares?

crop Tux stands pantry

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Our house rabbit, Tuxedo, loving his litter box and fresh Timothy hay

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Wild hares in art?

Wild Hares in contemporary art? Sure, why not. Check out this Sonoma County, California painter’s site. I loved this artist who noticed how wild hares freeze when facing their fears. Inspiring the artist to try the same approach to her fears.

Yvette Buigues

Yvette Buigues sitting-hare“200 Hares series. The hare has a rich history in folklore around the world. There are stories that tell of it’s courage and fear, its relationship to and use by the moon as a messenger to earth; the hare is associated with the Sun, fertility, the dawn, and even seen as a trickster.”

For more visit Wild Hare Studio Shows

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Zen Rabbit

Love watching our house rabbit

Our house rabbit, Tuxedo, makes me laugh. Everyday. Due to Tuxedo’s in the moment aliveness, he often startles me with his playfulness. He shifts, sniffs, tracks and twirls.

When he desires, Tuxedo hops to a wall (with no thought of gracefulness) flops his whole body down. Legs splay behind, ears akimbo and completely relaxed, he rests. The time span of these time outs are for as long as he needs!

What natural wisdom rabbits show, effortlessly present like a Buddha or zen master.

Tuxedo nearly knocked me over.

I had just put a small handful of pellets (his nightly snack) into a little bowl. As I stepped near his Ex-pen. He jumped straight up, hit his bowl plus my hand. When he landed on the floor outside his pen I think he surprised us both. I think he intended to land inside the bowl of food.

So I put the bowl down and let him take a bite. Then I picked him up and placed him back in his night pen. Of course, he got his snack.

House  rabbit, Tuxedo, insists on his snack

One night I forgot his snack. I usually do not sleep all night but that night I did. I woke up once to hear thumping coming from downstairs.

In the morning, my spouse said, “Last night, Tux thumped so hard I thought he’d break his back bones.” All that day, Tuxedo continued to show his anger by lifted both back legs and thumping loudly.

So at  least one Walt Disney film got rabbit behavior right, watch Bambi and hear Thumper use his back leg.

The only distraction in Tuxedo’s life is spelled c-a-r-r-o-t.

Secrets to tame a rabbit?

  1. Infinite calm
  2. Loving kindness
  3. Softly stroke his cheeks
  4. Feed by hand often

Please visit the House Rabbit Society Website for great information on living with and loving house rabbits. Rabbits make great companions for adults. Most rescued rabbits come house trained. They use litter boxes lined with about a dozen sheets of newspaper and will happily munch Timothy Hay in the same box!


Tell Whole Foods: Do not sell bunnies

Tell Whole Foods, “Don’t sell bunny meat!”

Farm animals suffer greatly in the United States of America. Plus this suffering comes to us well documented. Before the U.S. Congress passes laws allowing Ag-Gag states to make it illegal for people to photograph, video or report animal abuse inside or outside their meat plants.

The disturbing truth? Pet rabbits now sold for meat at Whole Foods Market come from being raised in U.S.A. Ag-gag states. What’s wrong with that? Everything.

Big farms doing business in Ag-gag states operate free from animal welfare laws.

In fact these huge meat farms have made laws against taking photographs, video recording or any reporting of animal abuse. What have they got to hide?

Enough. All to many cruel animal farming practices already hurt farm animals, enough to make most of us sick. The Humane Society of the United States and the Animal Defense Fund continue working to legally raise farm animal welfare practices. Most Americans know that farm animals do not receive acceptable room for walking nor a humane standard of care. Before we let another category of animal become victims of Ag-gag farm cruelty, we need to improve farm animals welfare.

Freeze, before fast forward
Adopted from Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Rabbits die of fright.

They share the species lagomorph.

There are about eighty species of lagomorph include thirty species of pika, twenty species of rabbit and cottontail, and thirty species of hare family. Wikipedia

I learned about this issue of Whole Foods Market, selling a new category of animal for meat through a volunteer at my local shelter. Kathy, along with volunteers from Save a Bunny and a Southern California group, are working to raise awareness pet rabbits should not end up as mainstream Big Farm meat products. Why?

Whole Foods Market buys meat rabbits from Ag-gag states. If Whole Foods succeeds, farm animal  suffering will fall on whole other category of animals, pet rabbits.

It comes as no secret in United States that farm animals end up being raised inhumanely.
If you have ever read about the Ag-gag states and how they are able to prosecute anyone willing to go undercover and take photographs and videos to report the truth on this ongoing unnecessary torture of farm animals. What meat animals endure in the U.S.A. is nothing less than cruelty, it’s time we changed that, before adding anymore farm animals.

9 facts hidden in Ag-gag pig farms

1. Millions of meat pigs live, eliminate and sleep in cramped spaces.

2.The environment these pigs endure smell rank. Their wastes drain into a central open sewer and their housing is so unclean many of them die.

3. Meat pigs lack all exercise to the extreme point that their legs break.

4. Pigs housed in huge warehouses with thousands of other pigs, hear others screaming day and night from pain.

5. Female pigs, sows, live horrible lives in gestation crates.

6. Gestation crates built for female pigs force them to stand up for 24-hours per day. Farmers do not allow pigs to walk or lie down. Gestation crates, notoriously painful for animals, need to be banned. Often the pigs’ legs break because their bones grow soft, due to not being allowed to walk.

7. Big meat farms build bars underneath sows to brace broken legs.

How can they call these farms? Not giving animals room to walk, sit or lie down? Meat farm animals get denied their normal and natural behaviors. They never see the light of the sun nor feel the earth nor wind.

8. The meat pig lives in constant physical pain, terror, fear and unhappiness. 4. When piglets die, often in these unsanitary conditions, their bodies get ground up and mixed into the food the sows eat. So mother pigs eat their own young.

9. Pigs do not live as cannibals. Why should they be forced to eat their own young?
What horrible animal welfare to make pigs eat their own young. It’s incomprehensible that animals must live like this so that people can eat pork barbecue, pork steak and pork ribs.

What U.S.A. meat farms won’t let us see.

Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals

After four years of hesitation and never mentioning recordings of farm animals lack of good welfare, I break my silence.

Much of the time I avoid eating meat. From now on, I will be seeking out small sustainable and local farms. We have several nearby that do not inflict senseless cruelty on pigs, chickens and cows. After study of commercially farmed pork and chicken and beef, I have returned to my original vegetarian and fish eating ways.


Save Easter Bunnies: adopt, don’t shop

 Wrong time to buy a bunny?

Where do 80% of Easter bunnies bought from pet shops go?

Answer: Into animal shelters

Friends of Alex rescued a little injured rabbit, abandoned in a cage at a construction site. Her friends lacked room for an inside pet. Alex examined the rabbit’s bloody front paw, then she took the little white rabbit to a veterinarian clinic. She paid Vet bills Alex could barely afford. She nursed the little rabbit to health, giving liquid antibiotics every four hours and cleaning his wound. We all visited the rabbit and celebrated when the Vet pronounced Alex had saved his crushed left front paw.

Alex named the little rabbit, Yoshi. Yoshi means lucky in Japanese. You can read Yoshi rabbit heals hearts and leg on this blog.

Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.
Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.
What a joy that our daughter loves animals.

We both learned so much from adopting our first house rabbit together. After we had lost both of our long-lived dogs, a bunny mirrored Alex’s seven-year-old moves. He lived in a bottom cage at the Rohnert Park Shelter. Alex said, “Hey mom. There’s a bunny looking at me.” When we met with that bunny, we felt impressed with his curiosity and confidence. He hopped over to her then to me on the visiting room sofa. Paris helped us recover from the empty place in our lives and helped us heal our grieving hearts.  Paris turned out to have an outgoing personality, loved to leap and explore. In the photograph below, I think you can see how much Alex loved him, right off.

Alex rarely carried him. Bunnies don’t like that.
Holding a pet rabbit safely.
Every pet wants to feel safe
Rental troubles in keeping Yoshi

Alex asked her landlord if she could kept Yoshi. The landlord chose a spot the garage for the rabbit. Although this began as a mutual interest, the rescued little Yoshi became a source of argument. Because Alex lives a busy life, working a job and taking college courses, she did not have all time Yoshi needed for company. Marc brought little Yoshi home for foster care. I gave him an Ex-Pen and little litter box tray. We bought hay and cut apple branches for him to chew.

We give Yoshi foster-care.
Hi, can we play now?
Me holding Yoshi.


Alex rescued Yoshi and saved his paw. We wanted to keep Yoshi as a pet. So we crated Yoshi and Tuxedo and drove to Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. We love their knowledgeable and friendly bunny volunteers and staff. We asked them to help us with a bunny date.

Whoa, this is a squeeze.
Rescued little Yoshi
Our bunny date went wrong!

After Yoshi’s first nail trim, we put her in an Ex-pen. But when we added our recently adopted pet rabbit,  Tuxedo, he took off like a bullet train, making tracks over to poor little Yoshi. Clearly, we could not keep Yoshi as a companion to Tuxedo. No room in our home to keep them separately either.

We must give up Yoshi to get a home

Marc, Alex and I asked people who had indoor rabbits if they wanted Yoshi. No one followed through. We turned down offers of people who kept their rabbits outside. Indoor rabbits live longer, healthier lives. Mosquitos and fleas infect USA pet rabbits with an incurable disease. Our USDA has not approved the vaccine so all we can do is keep the insect carriers away from pet rabbits in the USA.

All the rescues and local animal shelters rabbit space was FULL! Mickey Zeldes, Director of Rohnert Park Animal Shelter, shared the distressing news network. The majority of local animal shelters suddenly filled with abandoned rabbits.

Because Yoshi was found outside all city limits, the only option turned out to  surrender at our county animal shelter. They have a small, outdoor rabbit section. Finally, I called and spoke with staff and management at our county animal shelter. They  promised they would keep Yoshi or send him on to Save a Bunny in Marin. Yoshi would be put up for adoption immediately after I paid the surrender fee.

Marc and I did the surrender together. We questioned the staff and visited their rabbit pens. Although winter had turned the weather cold, we knew Yoshi needed a forever home. When we completed Yoshi’s surrender, I felt terrible. So terrible, that we drove back the next day to visit Yoshi. Every few days, we visited. Yoshi acted lively. He recognized us. Yoshi was now on a special diet. All the while, I kept blogging, posting to Facebook and Twitter trying to get Yoshi adopted.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Sonoma County Animal Care and Control posted Yoshi’s photograph on Facebook. But it took two long months for Yoshi’s forever home to happen.

Yoshi got adopted! Yoshi’s new mom knew all about house rabbits and put him on a special diet.

Surprise! Yoshi lost the gray smudges on his nose and ears. Yoshi now looks whiter than fresh snow. Plus, Yoshi got picked as an animal shelter calendar pet, the only rabbit!

Most Easter Bunnies have bad luck

Before you buy or adopt an Easter Bunny, please visit the Huffington Post on the growing problem of homeless pet rabbits. Easter Bunny Adoptions: 80 Percent Of Bunnies Purchased On Easter Are Abandoned (What You Can Do)

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has a tidy post on General Rabbit Care.

  1. Please share on Facebook, etc. & reblog.
  2. Help pet rabbits find homes.
  3. Educate families about pet rabbits and why adoption keeps being the best option for all.

Lucky Rescue Rabbit for Adoption at Sonoma County Animal Care

By Deborah Taylor-French

We love Yoshi. Yoshi means “good luck” in Japanese. Yoshi received good luck because our lovely Alex saved Yoshi’s life.

Abandoned in a cage at a construction site, this little rabbit’s front leg hurt so much she couldn’t use it. Alex’s friends took the rabbit, but did not have time to help her infected leg. They had to keep her in her cage, outside near their truck.

Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.

When Alex first saw Yoshi, the rabbit’s front left paw was raw-pink-red. A large open wound prevented the rabbit from using her leg. She held her leg up and could not stand the pain of walking on it.

Alex Saved a Bunny

Alex took her home, after saying, “I know about rabbits and what the can and cannot eat, how they feel safer and live longer inside a house.  She ask about Vets that gave good rabbit care and found one.

Hi, can we play now?

Alex took Yoshi to a veterinarian who suggested amputation. He said, “The rabbit’s leg looks broken. She may not heal.”

Alex could not afford surgery. And more than anything she wanted to try to help Yoshi keep her leg. The Vet gave a course of liquid pain control and antibiotics.  He also reduced the fee, knowing Alex did not plan on adopting the rabbit.

Helping a Sick Rabbit Heal

Alex treated Yoshi twice a day with antibiotics and pain medication. Alex treated the wound with peroxide everyday for a month.

Yoshi wore a cone head. I worried she couldn’t eat or drink wearing a plastic cone. Yoshi taught herself to scoop up alfalfa pellets into the cone and catch her food as it slid toward her mouth!

After terrible suffering and loneliness, Yoshi healed. Months of treatment and love from Alex (and a little help from us) this little and young rabbit lives happy and playfully.

Much to our surprise, Yoshi hops quite normally on her once damaged leg. Even her beautiful white fur grew over the massive wound.

Yoshi got a new nickname, Hop-along.

Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi's nails.

Whoa, this is a squeeze.
Never had my nails cut before

This miracle bunny loves people. Yoshi is brave. She acted calm with our small dog.

Please help this little rabbit get a great indoor home. We hope she can go to a house rabbit family where she will use her four feet to jump for joy!

Confident, curious and cute, Yoshi will make you happy everyday.

Please help our Yoshi “hopping” for a home. Contact Sonoma County Animal Care & Control for animal A299071.

Thanks for sharing Yoshi on Facebook, Twitter and/or your blog.