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Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

What took me so long?

Just stumbled on this PetMD Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter. What a helpful and important resource, just type in what type of chocolate your dog ate and the meter states how toxic it is. My mission rolls out in my blog’s tagline “saving dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.” Four years ago, I set my purpose yet I have strayed a bit from it.

Blogging goals for 2015?

My goals for 2015 include sticking to this mission statement tighter in order to write and publish e-books, relating strongly to my purpose for Dog Leader Mysteries.

The thought just struck me to call this “Mystery Monday” and begin sharing my fiction on Monday. Perhaps, I will need to wait a bit due to the need to choose between WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com. In the meantime, you will find my blog on WordPress.com, until I get this all figured out.

PetMD Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

Beware of what goes in my mouth.
Beware of what goes in my mouth.

Thanks for reading, sharing and caring about dogs.

Deborah Taylor-French





Keep Your Cool and Your Dog Too

By Deborah Taylor-French for Dog Leader Mysteries

Heat stroke happens to people and pets.

Your dog needs help staying cool. Yes, I have a dog who loves to lay in the sun and feel wonderfully hot. Believe me, Sydney can get too much of a good thing like sunbathing. Lately, Sydney A.K.A. “Pork Chop” has had too much of his favorite foods.

Now he gets snap peas and celery instead of table scraps for treats.

This April in northern California, the temperature jumped from mild to hot. A local animal shelter supervisor reported surprise that this spring season began with three dogs rescued from locked parked cars.  These three dogs ended up in the animal shelter and under the care of the shelter’s veterinarian.

All three dogs suffered from heat stroke.

Dog at animal shelter
Dog at animal shelter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dogs overheat quickly.

Cars and trucks act like solar ovens heating pets and children left inside for just a few minutes.

Never leave a pet in a car on hot days.

Open car windows do not prevent furry pets from overheating.

“Heat stroke occurs most commonly in the summer, especially early in the summer before dogs have had a chance to acclimatize. Older dogs, brachycephalic dogs, and overweight dogs are at a higher risk. It’s best to keep your dog inside or in the shade during the heat of the day, especially early in the summer. Never lock your dog in the car during the warm months. And remember that shady areas may become sunny as the day moves on, so a yard that’s cool and shady at 9 a.m. may be scorching hot at 1 p.m.” Dogster Vet  The Top 8 Summer Hazards for Dogs “Keep your dog safe as the weather gets nice with these tips from our resident vet.” 

Try this Role Play with Your Pet

Imagine you’re a very young child. You cannot open a car door. Your mom parks the car, saying, “I’ll be right back.”

The car begins to heat up. Your mom left you wearing a down vest, or fur coat, and a warm hat. You can’t take off these thick-warm outer layers.

The heat in the car rises. In a few minutes, the heat rakes your face then your nose and eyes dry out. You feel itchy allover. You squirm.

Soon, you begin to pant. Panting is the only way you can cool off. But the more you pant, the faster you try to get the hot-prickly-feeling out of your body. Through a small open window more hot air presses inside the car.

Each minute the car continues heating up like a metal barbecue with the lid on.

Your head hurts. You feel dizzy and slump over in your seat. You cannot take a deep breath. Hot air stings your nostrils. You panic and begin scratching the doors and windows.

No matter where you move or what you do, hot air chokes your nose and mouth. Your stomach aches. Finally, you faint from lack of air.

English: Canadian man wearing a fur coat and h...
English: Canadian man wearing a fur coat and hat circa 1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some dogs do not grow fur. Like poodles they grow hair. When it thickens, just like thicker wool coats, the person wearing it retains heat faster. Poor Sydney, he is off to the groomers today to be shaved so he can enjoy the warm weather.

Keep your cool and your dog too!

You Light Up My Night. Save My Life: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French www.dogleadermysteries.com

Dogs love us. Often we do not feel we deserve their undying affection. Still, they love us. They look up trustingly. They wait for  us to take them for walks, take them for a ride in the car, take them to a dog park or just give them a meal.

What can we do to repay a dog’s love?

A few dog lovers maybe shocked to hear that many dogs do not like to be squeezed or hugged. But all dogs love going for walks. I just read on the Dogwalkers.com blog that dogs respond better and act bonded to people who walk them. Pretty cool facts, huh?

Light up your dog’s life! Give him a safety leash.

A dog collar made for walking at night.
A dog collar made for walking at night.

Save your dog’s life as you walk him at night.

Light up a dog lover’s life with a Pup Protector collar or leash.

Go see the Pup Protector

For more on his story, please visit Pup Protector Keep Your Puppy or Dog Safer During a Walk

See more photographs of collars and leashes on Mod-Dog Blog

Pup Protector for Dog Walkers

Pup Protector for Dog Walkers

Go see this light up leash. 

What a glittery, attention-catching and top safety item for all dog lovers.

Dog walkers get one, two or three of these.

Why? Because this leash will keep your dog safe when you walk in the dark.

Be sure and watch the clever video, of “the smartest dog in the world.” Yes, he’s on YouTube, so please share.

Save Dogs’ Lives, Don’t Buy These Dog Treats

 Alert to dog lovers everywhere.

1. Dog Lovers’ Warnings Matter. FDA Not Protecting Dogs.

 Since 2007, dogs have been dying from chicken treats. These treats come from three big producers of pet products. The USA Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has not isolated what ingredient or ingredients in these products are toxic. As I sweep the World Wide Web, I find newspaper and site reports on the scope of this sad and upsetting story.

  •  I hope you will share this blog post with every dog lover you know.
  • It is up to pet lovers to protect our pets.
  • It is up to us to keep each other in the know.
  • This is why I began this blog. Read more on my Welcome page.

Loss by Carley Evans

2. Do you know where your dog treats come from?

Many products do not list the true location of where pet treats and food are made. The larger the company the less likely the source of all ingredients or meat parts will be listed on the package.

I am sticking my neck out here. Beware of any product you don’t know where the meat and ingredients come from.

A number of Websites, dog owners and newspaper reports named China as a source of toxic meat products. Chicken breasts are not the meat of choice for cooking in China so chicken breasts get sold to pet treat makers.

3. Three chicken treats dogs ate before they sickened or died.

Three consumer named products reported by users as making dogs ill, piling up veterinary bills or causing their dog’s death.

  • Wagging’ Train Jerky Treats or Tenders (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch Jerky Treats or Tenders (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats (Del Monte Corp)

Dog Jerky Deaths With No FDA Recall Prompt Campaign Against Nestle Purina

Dogs quickly become dehydrated. Kidney failure can follow quickly.
Photo Credit: Victor Grigas

I recommend you sign up for the Dog Food Advisor email updates on pet food recalls and reported toxic pet food and treats. They proved a source of current reports and hundreds of helpful comments from readers.

Dog Food Advisor

 4. Class Action Law suits filed. 

Read about chicken jerky illness in dogs. USA FDA records show and are tracking these. Meanwhile more dogs are dying. 3 big  brands may be tied to chicken jerky illness in dogs by JoNel Aleccia.

May 31, 2012

“In Chicago a dog owner filed a class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina, claiming Waggin’ Train chicken jerky treats (made in China) killed his Pomeranian. In Illinois, a man claimed his dog died of kidney failure two weeks after eating the same product.

Wal-Mart Stores sell Waggin’ Train’ chicken jerky treats.

Lawsuit claims Nestle’ Purina and Waggin’ Train received over 500 complaints.” Summary of post on ohmidog!

Small dogs tend to die quickly after ingesting these treats.

Little dog sitting pretty.
Luna Photo Credit: Sara Pena Rodriguez

5. Sign this petition to remove 3 toxic treats from sale.

Change.org Petitions Nestle Purina Recall Chicken Jerky Treats Made in China

Take action today.