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Thank goodness 4 dogs

Dogs love us! For this I am grateful.

Each dog we took in gave us their whole heart. Each became a very different dog from the abandoned or owner returned animal they came to us as. This truth I experience. It’s no contest. A no brainer.

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Sid sign Love mom

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: An Attitude of Gratitude

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A candle for forgotten pets

Light a candle to remember a forgotten pet.

Waiting is hard to do.

A face in the crowd

Adopt Me Maybe? Song and video by

 WAGS Pet Adoption shelter animals 

“Out in the streets walking around, you were just a face in the crowd.” Tom Petty  a lyric from his song A Face in the Crowd, album Full Moon Fever.

Tom Petty still a heartbreaker

BTW Tom Petty’s on the cover of December’s Rolling Stone, looking pretty good for a bad boy Boomer. Another unusual item about this musical artist and songwriter is that he has had the same band for most of his career, gives them credit as top musical collaborators that listen to new lyrics and go to work on making more great rockin’ roll songs. Cheers to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! Congratulations to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, whose Hypnotic Eye is the veteran rock band’s first Number One album ever.

Thousands of cute, calm and teachable dogs like this one below are waiting.

Marshall, a lucky adopted dog
Going for a walk with my new Mom!

Top 10 reasons to adopt a dog: Mutt Monday

The top 10 reasons for adopting a dog

1. Save a dog’s life.

Pets end up homeless due to puppy mills, and overbreeding.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

2. Learn from knowledgeable shelter staff. Through their long experience, they help people choose the best dogs for their needs and limitations. Shelter staff know which dogs need high levels of exercise, and which dogs that love cuddling and napping.

Get a pet that fits your exercise habits.

“Ethical breeders” should offer this type of family meeting, due to wanting to secure the best fit for their puppies.  Breeders should interview each potential buyer in a face to face meeting. When breeders care, they want to place puppies in a forever home, which means meeting all family members and other pets.

3. Animal shelters also take in puppies and purebred dogs.

4. Shelter dogs must pass temperament tests for aggression and biting.

5. Shelters give help selecting a pet fits each family’s experience with training dogs.

Puppy sellers do not help buyers become knowledgeable about dogs.

6. Shelter pets get examined by veterinarians, and are given wellness medications.

7. Save money. Avoid the heartbreak and the expense of endless medical bills due to genetic health conditions. Shelters put animal welfare first. Their work and knowledge makes them want to inform you of any potential or diagnosed medical conditions.

Never buy a puppy on the Internet because a majority of those animals come at the suffering of dogs locked up in filthy, unhealthy, and inhumane conditions.

8. Animal shelters pay for spaying or neutering each dog.

People who buy puppies, pay all medical costs.

9. Animal shelter staff want to find a kind and forever home for each animal in their care. They will set up a pre-adoption meeting so all your family and pets can interact with your potential new dog. Do this before taking a new dog or puppy home.

1o. Animal shelters often microchip each homeless pet. Microchips help you recover your pet if he or she gets lost.

Cute Faced Marshall

This young healthy dog not only looks handsome, he loved his new mom and could barely stand still for this photograph because he knew she was taking him for a walk.

Big Gold Dog Stands

Look at this healthy young dog, I guessed he was about six months old when his new pet parent adopted him. This dog loves his new dad. We held his leash so his dad could go into the market and buy food.

Save a life today. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter.

On Petfinder I saw nearly 500 Bichon Frise dogs waiting for adoption in California.

Bugalooo, oh what a name.

Bugaloo on Petfinder waits at a southern Calfiornia dog rescue
Bugaloo on Petfinder waits at a southern Calfiornia dog rescue

Bichon Frise & Poodle Mix • Young • Male • Small

Sparky and the Gang Long Beach, CA Please call or email to meet this dog today.


Adopt, Don’t Shop, Save the Life of a Dog...

Global Animal Overbreeding

New Tune Tuesday: Song for Shelter Dogs

By Deborah Taylor-French

A Song for Homeless Dogs

Two days ago, I sang to our pet rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo, “How much is that bunny in the window? The one with the waggly ears.”

The original refrain begins, “How much is that doggie in the window?”

This Tuesday morning, I stumbled on a video by the original singer. Patti Page. I see she changed her tune because Patti Page learned that most pet shop puppies come from puppy mills.

And from thousands to millions of these purebred puppies end up homeless in our USA animal shelters. All across our nation, sadly, this happens each day. A puppy litter is born, they are sold, while the breeder dogs remain trapped in cages, usually filthy.


Patti Page sings a new song for shelter pets.

The little dog at her feet looks so much like our Sydney. Sydney is a poodle mix that was left in an animal shelter in the winter.

Sawyer von sontra

Please adopt, don’t shop for your next dog.

Cosmo face


Thank you for reading and sharing.

Please visit the Animal Rescue Site Campaign to end puppy mills.


Shelter Dog Play Groups?!?!

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

Dog Play Groups for Shelter Dogs?

Adoption (Photo credit: EndlessHorizons)

Now here is an idea we can use to help #shelterdogs be healthier, happier and ready for adoption. Please read the entire post on afureverfamily blog. Thanks.

Always adopt, never

shop for your next pet.

Waiting is hard to do.
Waiting is hard to do.


What a concept – bringing together groups of pups with different backgrounds and the baggage that comes from being strays or simply thrown away. It’s called “Dogs Playing for Life” and it’s a program developed by Aimee Sadler of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. This program is being taught around the country to shelter and rescue groups who want to take the next step in exercising and socializing the dogs that will one day – hopefully – be a part of the larger community.

So, why am I talking about this program? Because the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) is taking this step and as a volunteer I was able to join in the training this past week.

The classroom training was full of useful information about the benefits of play groups and the different play styles, so I just have to share some of these insights here.

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