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Pet Rock vs Punk Rock Dog

Remember the Pet Rock craze? At one time in the U.S.A., the Pet Rock sales soared due to clever marketing and rose in popularity as a gag gift. The Pet Rock fad made its inventor, marketing executive Gary Dahl, a 1970's millionaire. "He wrote a 32 page instruction manual full of puns, gags and plays on words...which … Continue reading Pet Rock vs Punk Rock Dog

Happy Haunting: Photo Friday

A blast from the past? The story behind dressing our dog up We never had a dog that needed to wear sweaters before Sydney. Being half miniature poodle, Sydney needs a shave about every eight weeks, even in hot seasons. All poodle and doodle dogs inherit the same problem. Regular grooming, which pet parents need … Continue reading Happy Haunting: Photo Friday

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – Animal Rescue Site.com

I planned to blog about this then life got in the way of blogging.

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Save a life of a shelter dog by speaking out and sharing about the joy of adopting. I’m an adoptive mother of one wonderful daughter, many dogs and four rabbits. I must say that the more we can share the joy of adoption, we can show the world that buying a dog does not mean you will get a perfect and healthy animal.

Shelter dog shows his style
Shelter dog shows his style

In fact from reading and learning from a few ethical dog breeders (who buy back their puppies for life, making buyers sign a contract to always bring the dog back to them) healthy purebred dogs end up  hard to find.

Why? Well, even AKC breeders have been reported to turn out sick puppies, by inbreeding genetic weakness. Many popular breed dogs come with scary and heartbreaking illnesses. Read my post on this investigative report “Today Show: American Kennel Club Approved Puppy Mill.”

Please read and share.

Mutts benefit from vigor, unique looks and temperament. Plus those who want a purebred dog have hundred’s to choose from in breed specific rescues. So here’s to Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and The Animal Rescue Site.

Yes, we agree.
Don’t Shop, ADOPT

Thanks for caring and sharing, Deborah Taylor-French



Hi Readers

As the title suggests – apparently October is Adopt a shelter dog month.

Now I’m all for these monthly drives to get people’s interest perked up once in a while but does it not suggest that October you should adopt but the rest of the year pass it all by?

EVERY month, EVERY week, EVERY day should be adopt an animal day – whether you’re into cats, dogs, pigs – if you want a pet and you don’t intend to show it or have a licence to breed THEN ADOPT. Simple as that.

I’m not getting on my soap box a preaching the rights and wrongs of breeding – each one of us has an opinion and are entitle to that opinion. My only comment to this is “responsible” breeding NOT puppy farm, or “oops my dog got out” kind of breeding. They are both hateful, irresponsible acts…

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New Tune Tuesday: Song for Shelter Dogs

By Deborah Taylor-French A Song for Homeless Dogs Two days ago, I sang to our pet rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo, "How much is that bunny in the window? The one with the waggly ears." The original refrain begins, "How much is that doggie in the window?" This Tuesday morning, I stumbled on a video by the … Continue reading New Tune Tuesday: Song for Shelter Dogs

Click to Feed Shelter Pets

Wordless Wednesday - Giving Month! It is so simple to give a bowl of food to shelter pets. Just go and with a single click a bowl of food goes to a waiting dog or cat. Always 100% FREE and in your control. Please go to The Animal Rescue Site. If you want to give more, … Continue reading Click to Feed Shelter Pets